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SPECTRIS PLC - Transaction in Own Shares

Transactions in own shares

Spectris plc (the Company) announces today that it purchased the following number of its ordinary shares of 5 pence each on the London Stock Exchange from J.P. Morgan Securities plc as part of the buyback programme announced on 5 March 2018.

Date of purchase:  5 March 2018
Aggregate number of ordinary shares purchased: 13,000
Lowest price paid per share  2,604p
Highest price paid per share
Average price paid per share 2,622.0665p

The Company intends to cancel the purchased shares.

Since 5 March 2018, the Company has purchased 13,000 shares at a cost (including dealing and associated costs) of £342,573.99.

Rebecca Dunn
Deputy Company Secretary
01784 486864