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Sports quiz of the week: fighters, heroes and a concerned politician

Paul Campbell
·8-min read
<span>Photograph: PA</span>
Photograph: PA
  1. Lionel Messi was sent off for Barcelona against Athletic Bilbao at the weekend. It was his first red card in 753 games for the club. How long did it take for him to get his first red card for Argentina?

    1. Two minutes

    2. 50 games

    3. 100 games

    4. He has never been sent off for Argentina

  2. Eintracht Frankfurt legend David Abraham played his last game for the club this week. The 34-year-old has decided to move back to Argentina to be closer to his family. With whom did he swap shirts after his final match in the Bundesliga?

    1. The Eintracht Frankfurt mascot, Attila, a golden eagle who lives in the nearby zoo

    2. The opposition manager

    3. The TV presenter covering the game, who happens to be his wife

    4. The referee

  3. The organisers of the London Marathon are hoping this year’s event will be the biggest ever, with 100,000 runners – 50,000 on the circuit and 50,000 taking part remotely. How many people made it to the finishing line of the first London Marathon 40 years ago?

    1. 36

    2. 1,981

    3. 6,255

    4. 32,666

  4. Manchester United and Liverpool are playing in the FA Cup on Sunday. When was the last time they met in a competition other than the Premier League?

    1. When they played in the Community Shield

    2. When they played in the Champions League

    3. When they played in the Europa League

    4. When they played in the Club World Cup

  5. Tom King scored for Newport against Cheltenham in League Two this week. How far was he from the Cheltenham goalline when he struck the ball?

    1. 9 millimetres

    2. 3.1 centimetres

    3. 75.45 metres

    4. 96.01 metres

  6. Conor McGregor returns to the octagon this weekend for the first time in over a year for a rematch against Dustin Poirier. What happened in their first fight back in 2014?

    1. The fight was a draw – the only draw in UFC that year

    2. McGregor knocked Poirier out in the first round

    3. Poirier pulled off an unlikely victory, winning in the last second of the fifth and final round

    4. The fight was called off midway through due to rioting in the crowd

  7. Wolves are playing non-league Chorley in the FA Cup this weekend. What happened the last time the clubs met in the competition, back in 1986?

    1. Wolves won 11-0, the biggest victory in their history

    2. The teams played out four draws before Wolves went through on a coin toss

    3. Chorley won 3-0 (after two replays)

    4. The game was cancelled because Chorley had a waterlogged pitch and Wolves were given a bye into the next round

  8. Dean Smith was sent off during Aston Villa’s defeat to Manchester City this week. According to the Villa manager, what did he say to the fourth official that led to the red card?

    1. “Did you go for an eye test at Barnard Castle?”

    2. “You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve?”

    3. “You want the truth? Can you handle the truth.”

    4. “Did you get juggling balls for Christmas?”

  9. Hege Riise has been appointed caretaker manager of the England women's team after Phil Neville resigned to join Inter Miami. Riise had an incedible career as a player, winning the Olympics, World Cup and European Championship. Which country did she represent?

    1. USA

    2. Sweden

    3. Norway

    4. Denmark

  10. The Australian politician Lisa Neville offered some advice to the tennis players who are in Melbourne preparing for the Australian Open. Complete her sentence: "I’d just encourage them to minimise interaction with ...

    1. ... hotel staff"

    2. ... social media"

    3. ... the mice"

    4. ... the outside world"

  11. Roma had a night to forget in the Coppa Italia this week. They had two men sent off in two minutes in their 4-2 defeat to Spezia. What else did they get wrong?

    1. They turned up with the wrong kit and had to play in Spezia away shirts

    2. They thought it was an 8pm kick-off, rather that 18.00, so turned up two hours late

    3. They allowed 1,000 fans into the ground but Italy's lockdown rules changed mid-game and they had to escort the supporters out of the ground at half time

    4. They made six substitutions, more than the laws allow

  12. Victor Lindelöf had a big week. Not only did he help Manchester United keep a clean sheet against Liverpool at Anfield, but he was also in the news back home in Sweden. Why?

    1. He married the King of Sweden's daughter and became a Grand Duke

    2. He helped bring a thief to justice. The United defender chased down and stopped a man who had stolen a handbag from Lindelöf's 90-year-old aunt. The thief was sentenced this week and fined £440

    3. He was elected to be mayor of his hometown, even though he did not campaign and does not live there

    4. He played bass guitar on the track that has been chosen as Sweden's entry for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest


1:A - Messi made his international debut against Hungary in 2005. He came off the bench in the 64th minute only to be sent off in the 66th minute for a perceived elbow., 2:D - Explaining his decision to leave the club and return to Argentina, Abraham said: "I left my hometown when I was a teenager. I've been a father for four and a half years and I've seen my son very little, especially since the pandemic started. Nothing can replace this time of watching your son grow up.", 3:C - The men’s race in 1981 ended in a tie, with Dick Beardsley and Inge Simonsen both recording times of 2:11:48., 4:C - They met in the Europa League in the 2015-16 season, when Louis van Gaal was Manchester United manager and Jürgen Klopp was in his first year at Liverpool. Liverpool won the tie and made it to the final of the competition, which they lost 3-1 to Sevilla., 5:D - King, the Newport goalkeeper, struck a goal-kick from his own six-yard box and it bounced over the head of the Cheltenham keeper and into the net. Guinness World Records have since confirmed that he set a new record, saying: "With his epic downfield kick, King officially broke the record for the longest goal scored in a competitive football match, which covered an incredible distance of 96.01m (105 yards).", 6:B - After the fight, McGregor said: “I don’t just knock them out. I pick the round. I said I’d knock him out in the first round and I knocked him out in the first round. I predict these things.”, 7:C - Speaking after his team’s remarkable 3-0 win, Chorley manager Ken Wright – who is now the club’s chairman – said: “My players had more heart and determination. We’ve never been frightened of them over the three matches and there was no question we played the better football.", 8:D - Smith was furious that Manchester City’s first goal had stood despite what he thought was an obvious offside in the build-up. “I don’t think anyone in this stadium thought it was a goal," he said after the match. "I thought they would go over to the VAR screen. I saw the incident and saw it was kicking off, so I asked the fourth officials did they get juggling balls for Christmas? You can’t just have people standing offside and taking advantage of an unfair position.”, 9:C - Riise made her international debut in 1990 and retired in 2004 with 188 caps and 58 goals., 10:C - The players are staying in a hotel in Melbourne that is dealing with an infestation of mice. Neville said: “As I understand there may have been some feeding going on. I’d just encourage them to minimise interaction with the mice. We will keep doing pest control if we need to, but hopefully that pest control work that was done this week will have fixed the problem.", 11:D - It wasn’t just the club’s mistake. The referee didn’t notice either., 12:B - “He was incredible," said an onlooker. "He ran over footbridges and walls. It seemed that he had fantastic strength and form."


  1. 12 and above.

    Perfection. That's impressive. Have a great weekend

  2. 2 and above.

    It could have been worse. Have a good weekend

  3. 3 and above.

    It could have been worse. Have a good weekend

  4. 4 and above.

    A solid(ish) score. Have a good weekend

  5. 5 and above.

    A solid score. Have a good weekend

  6. 6 and above.

    A solid score. Have a good weekend

  7. 7 and above.

    A fine score. Have a good weekend

  8. 8 and above.

    A fine score. Have a good weekend

  9. 9 and above.

    That's very impressive. Have a good weekend

  10. 10 and above.

    That's impressive. Have a good weekend

  11. 11 and above.

    That's extremely impressive. Have a great weekend

  12. 0 and above.

    Ah well. Have a good weekend

  13. 1 and above.

    It could have been worse. Have a good weekend