Spotify is giving away three months of Spotify Premium for free, here’s how to get the limited time deal

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The music platform increased its prices to £9.99 per month last year  (The Independent)
The music platform increased its prices to £9.99 per month last year (The Independent)

Spotify is offering three months of Spotify Premium for free to new users who sign up between now and 11 September.

The time-limited deal is available to individual and student customers who’ve never tried Premium before, but returning users aren’t being left out. Anyone who cancelled before 15 July can get three months of Spotify Premium for the price of one – that’s £9.99.

Your three month trial can be cancelled at any time, otherwise it converts to a standard Spotify Premium plan charged at £9.99 per month.

However, the deal is only available for Individual and Student plans though, so those looking to sign up to the Duo or Family plan – which bundle Premium accounts together at a discount – can’t avail themselves of the new offer.

If you’re unsure about switching to the paid-tier of Spotify you may want to know that it removes those annoying ad interruptions between tracks that are commonplace on the free version. The Premium subscription also lets you download music to listen to offline, unlocks the platform’s complete library of artists and albums and lets you hit the skip button as often as you want.

With customers around the world looking to cut costs wherever they can, it’s likely we’ll see more entertainment platforms offering extended free trials and discounts like this one to entice new members and convince existing ones to stay.

The Spotify Premium offer comes as the music platform’s customer base continues to expand, even as the economy slows. In fact, the company has reported more than 180 million people have become Premium subscribers in 2022 alone.

The market-dominating streaming service recently began trialling Spotify Tickets in the US too, which allows users to buy gig tickets directly through the app. In recent years Spotify has also sought to expand its entertainment offering by investing massively in podcasting, with a deal to secure the exclusive rights to Joe Rogan’s podcast rumoured to be worth over $200 million alone.

So, if you’ve been considering signing up to Spotify but have yet to take the plunge, or you cancelled in a bid to save money, this offer is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

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