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Starbucks manager who called police on two black men has left the company

Sarah Whitten
Starbucks clarified its guest policy saying that employees have been instructed on how to deal with customers who are disruptive, smoke or use drugs or alcohol or sleep inside the cafes.

A Philadelphia Starbucks manager has left the company after protests erupted stemming from the arrests of two black men who had asked to use the restroom.

A company spokeswoman told CNBC on Monday that "she is no longer at that store," confirming a report by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Starbucks has been under fire since a video of the two men being arrested Thursday at a Starbucks in Center City went viral over the weekend. The woman who posted the video said that staff at the coffee shop had called police because the two men had not ordered anything while they waited for a friend to arrive.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross on Saturday defended the actions of his officers, saying they had no choice but to act after employees told them that the two men were trespassing.

Starbucks' CEO Kevin Johnson apologized and told ABC News on Monday that it was "completely inappropriate" for the Starbucks employees to call police.

"Clearly, there's an opportunity for us to provide clarity and in addition to that I'd say there's training, more training that we're going to do with our store managers, not only around the guidelines but training around unconscious bias," he said.