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Stay Secure and Social with TEZRO: The Ultimate Crypto App


Paris, Fance, March 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tezro, a game changer in the crypto space, is designed to provide crypto holders the willingness to securely and privately communicate with friends and business associates, as well as a store for your digital currencies and a convenient payment method.

Tezro makes it simple due to integrating numerous chat apps, which promotes the free flow of information. Users can send and receive fully encrypted text messages, guaranteeing the privacy and security of their communications. Users no longer need to switch between various chat apps to interact with different people, making it easier for them to stay in touch with their friends, family, and business partners. Additionally, Tezro's integration of various chat apps enables a more seamless and streamlined exchange of information between users.

In addition, The Tezro team provides an escrow service for secure interactions with consumers, partners, and vendors. As a result, Tezro allows customers to purchase and sell products directly within the app. The Tezro chat module acts as an accessible market for "offline" trading.

Why Tezro? And why does it stand out from other wallets?

Tezro's all-encompassing design and extensive features set it apart from other wallets. Its core features include:

  1. Crypto Wallet - Tezro's Crypto Wallet enables users to securely keep all of their cryptocurrency assets in a single location, providing total protection for their crypto

  1. TEXT MESSAGE SYSTEM - Users can text their friends securely and privately without worrying about data breaches or hacks thanks to Tezro's completely encrypted text messaging system. Traders can easily swap assets through this chat, send cryptocurrencies to their peers, and even change those cryptocurrencies into available fiat currencies.

  1. TEZRO Exchange - Through the app, users can exchange their digital assets, including more than 1000 cryptocurrencies, using Tezro's Exchange feature. Users now have a convenient way to handle their investments and complete transactions.

  1. TEZRO Gift - The Gift function on Tezro enables users to send digital gifts to their loved ones, making it the perfect platform for commemorating milestones and special occasions.

  1. Buy Goods in Tezro - Customers can buy electronics, apparel, artwork, jewelry, and accessories from celebrity collections as well as the top-tier names of shoes through Tezro's shopping feature. As a result, This makes it a one-stop-shop for all your shopping needs.

  1. Tezro Loan Service -Users can buy goods from any of Tezro's partners on credit using the Loan Service feature of the platform, paying for them in the currency of their choosing. For users who require financing for their purchases, this makes it a practical tool.

The complete suite of Tezro functionalities is also accessible to institutional clients via an application programming interface (API), and Tezro can be integrated into B2B platforms with only rudimentary coding knowledge. Along with streamlining digital payment processes, its innovative technological architecture can shield merchants from various frauds and chargeback cases of abuse.

Tezro accepts several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS, USDT, EURT, and CHNT. Additionally, users have access to fiat money like Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), or Chinese Yuan (CNY).

Tezro has introduced a purchasing token that users can purchase for 1 USTC token. Users can swap their USTC tokens for the shopping currency TezroST by downloading the program and looking for the TezroST icon. Using the Tezro Swift API, this token can be used to purchase products and services from online stores.

The premier crypto app, Tezro, allows users to remain safe and social. Experience Tezro's convenience and security by downloading the software right now for Android or iOS.

About Tezro:

Tezro is a cutting-edge multi-purpose application that provides a seamless e-commerce experience, secure messaging, and cryptocurrency storage and trading functionalities. With Tezro, users can store major blockchain assets and leading stablecoins, exchange assets with peers, and even convert them to fiat currencies. Tezro's disruptive technical design can protect merchants from frauds and chargeback abuses, making it an excellent choice for institutional clients. The platform also offers a newbie-friendly marketplace and escrow service for safe interaction with clients and partners. With Tezro's unique features like gift cards, auctions, and its own utility token, TezroST, this all-in-one platform is revolutionizing the retail crypto segment.

CONTACT: Contact details: Company: Tezro Name: Alexia Balazard Email ID: alexia(at) Location : Paris, France