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Stocks struggle to stabilize, Senate rejects immigration bills

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Jared Blikre, and Rick Newman discuss the big stories of the day. Alexis also sits down with Yahoo Finance tech reviewer Dan Howley to talk about the best smart speakers and with HuffPost Black Voices Associate Editor Taryn Finley about why ‘Black Panther’ is such an important movie culturally. 

Today’s Topics

  • Dreamer bill fails in Senate
  • Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ released today
  • Smart speaker showdown
  • Mitt Romney to run for Utah Senate seat
  • China owns $1.18 trillion dollars in US debt
  • Florida shooting updates
  • Olympic Swiss skiers hit by norovirus
  • New MLB pace-of-play rules
  • Lunar New Year
  • Walmart looks to buy 40% of Amazon’s India rival Flipkart: Reuters
  • Amazon partners with Bank of America for business lending: CNBC
  • Caterpillar tells investors not to worry over IRS tax hike
  • YouTube will take over Netflix: R.W. Baird