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What’s the story behind the smudged lipstick trend that’s all over TikTok?

It’s pretty hard to miss one of the latest memes sweeping TikTok right now: the so-called “smudged lipstick” trend, which has become so popular that it’s even spawned some equally popular parody trends.

No, it’s not the latest viral makeup craze and no, it won’t require you to watch another overly-complicated beauty tutorial. Instead, the smudged lipstick trend started as an ode to boyfriends but has quickly taken on a life of its own.

What is the smudged lipstick trend?

In most cases, the meme starts off with someone messily applying their lipstick in front of the camera and smudging it. Then, the camera slowly pans over to reveal their partner, who has lipstick marks all over their face as if they’ve just been covered in kisses.

What is the song used in the smudged lipstick trend?

According to Know Your Meme, the smudged lipstick trend is also sometimes referred to as “I Think I Like You Best,” since it’s set to the song “K” by the band Cigarettes After Sex, which includes those very same lyrics.


A lot of the earliest examples involved girlfriends “kissing” their boyfriends.

Plenty of others feature same-sex partners, too.

But almost immediately, people started taking the “sweet” couples trend and poking fun at it.

Some of the videos still include partners, but appear to be calling out how silly the whole thing is.

The best ones, however, are the TikToks that replace the “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” character with someone entirely different — from kids to siblings to best friends.

Other TikToks have gotten even more creative — like this one, involving two friends and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that apparently got away from them.

Or this one, in which a TikToker covers herself in kisses. (And later took forever to scrub all of that lipstick off.)

But the pet videos seem to be the most popular ones so far, for obvious reasons.

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