New wee controller

A urinal videogame, controlled by users aiming their 'stream', has won £250,000 in crowd-funding money.

Bored while spending a penny? Imagine if you could play a game while ‘aiming’. Well, now you can.

Designers of the world’s first urinal videogame are flushed with success, having funded their business through crowd-funding – just a year after TV’s Dragon’s Den told them they were taking the mickey. 

Captive Media, a British technology company, managed to raise £250,000 for their unusual product on equity-based crowd-funding website SyndicateRoom in just 27 days.

Last September the firm’s founders appeared on BBC’s Dragon’s Den to pitch their product – a ‘play as you pee’ device installed above urinals in pubs and restaurants – but the show’s celebrity investors thought investing in it would be money down the drain.

However, gents Mark Melford and Gordon MacSween got the last laugh when they went on to sell their novel game, which plays adverts and videogames on its 12 ‘PTV’ channels and is controlled by the user aiming their ‘stream’ left or right – to a dozen countries.

The firm’s website describes the product as like a TV but “100% waterproof and vandalism proof”.

Founders Gordon MacSween (L) and Mark Melford (R) Angel investors, including lead investors Peter Cowley and Mike Ullman, who backed Top Table in the UK and Frog Pubs in France, are investing £142,500 in the firm, while the rest of the funds are coming from smaller investors – some of whom put in just £500.

“The Dragons will rue the day they let this company slip through their fingers,” said Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, founder and CEO of SyndicateRoom. “Two years after it launched, Captive Media has demonstrated its enormous potential, and its appeal to both professional and amateur investors seeking good returns.

“For it to reach 100% of its investment target in barely three weeks speaks volumes about Captive Media’s great promise, and the desire of investors large and small to profit from exciting young businesses.

“We are delighted to have brought them together, and wish them all every success.”