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Study reveals places where single people may be better off buying a home

By Vicky Shaw, PA Personal Finance Correspondent

Liverpool, Aberdeen, Cardiff and Nottingham are among the best locations for single house hunters to buy a property, analysis suggests.

Zoopla ranked locations across Britain looking at several factors, including average asking prices for one-bedroom properties, mortgage affordability assuming a buyer had a 15% deposit to put down, average local earnings, the proportions of other people living alone in the same area and the number of nearby restaurants, pubs and clubs.

Richard Houston, Zoopla consumer spokesman, said: “Those looking to purchase a home on their own will likely feel the pressure all the more; or worse, still feel that buying alone is out of reach.

“Our analysis reveals that it is still possible for someone to afford a property on your own. You might, however, need to look at slightly more affordable areas or even other cities.”

Zoopla has a series of guides on its websites to help first-time buyers.

Here are the best places for singles to buy in each nation and region, according to Zoopla, with the average asking price of a one-bedroom property:

– South West, Bristol, £190,000

– North East, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, £108,000

– Yorkshire and the Humber, Sheffield, £75,000

– Scotland, Aberdeen, £73,000

– Wales, Cardiff, £100,000

– East of England, Norwich, £149,000

– South East, Portsmouth, £130,000

– East Midlands, Nottingham, £100,000

– North West, Liverpool, £94,000, London

– Richmond-upon-Thames, £309,400

– West Midlands, Coventry, £105,000