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Survey reveals 10 least and most trusted professions in the UK

Doctors are the most-trusted professionals in the UK, according to a survey. Photo: Online Marketing/Unsplash
Doctors are the most trusted professionals in the UK, according to a survey. Photo: Online Marketing/Unsplash

There are plenty of ways to make a living, but not all of them will make you popular.

In a survey of 1,200 workers by job board CV-Library, Brits have revealed the professions they find least trustworthy.

With almost four in five (78%) of Brits believing them to be “greedy,” “unreliable” and “irritating,” politicians were found to be the least-trusted of all UK professionals.

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Meanwhile, with 38% of Brits finding them untrustworthy, journalists came second. And car salespeople ranked third, with just over a quarter (27%).

Telesales representatives (24%), bankers (23%), paparazzi (22%), estate agents (15%), recruiters (14%), lawyers (9%) and bailiffs (7%) also made the list.

When asked why, Brits claimed these people “lack morals” (66%), and are financially greedy (62%) and unreliable (56.5%), whilst generally just being “irritating” (26.6%).

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“What with the Brexit debacle still looming over the country, it’s little wonder Brits aren’t inclined to trust politicians right now,” said Lee Biggins, CEO of CV-Library.

He added: “It also appears to be a common theme that sales-driven occupations, such as car sales, telesales, estate agents and recruiters are largely disliked.

“Unfortunately, it’s just the nature of the trade. Being proactive in making sales can be perceived as being pushy or irritating. However, without these professions, many businesses wouldn’t be able to flourish.”

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The survey also found that jobs that contribute to the public good – for example, health or education-related roles – are the most-trusted professions in the UK.

Doctors topped the list, with 61% of Brits believing them to be trustworthy, while nurses came second at 40%, and teachers and paramedics stole joint third at 37%.

Police officers (23%), armed forces members (20%), vets (16%), scientists (14%), judges (13%) and hairdressers (8%) rounded out the top 10.

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According to the study, trust is associated with professionals who Brits believe to have their best interests at heart (73%) and be in their job for a good cause (71%), on top of being reliable (65%) and friendly (16%).

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