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New Talao app gives users control over digital ID

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Talao, the developer of the first French smartphone wallet for self-sovereign identity (SSI), has announced the availability of its wallet for European mobile users.

The new wallet enables European citizens to self-manage their digital identities, without depending on third-party providers like platforms or institutions.

The Talao SSI Wallet is also the first available app on Apple and Google stores to establish the person’s identity in the format of the Tezos network.

There are many advantages for an identity to use the Tezos blockchain as the infrastructure to protect self-sovereign data: open governance, military-grade security, formal verification for better audibility, and consensus mechanism – all of which makes Tezos byte-for-byte one of the most energy-efficient blockchains in the world.

The full-featured, stand-alone SSI smartphone wallet has been supported and is being prototyped by the European Commission as the preferred model of digital identity for years to come.

Thierry Thevenet, Talao’s COO commented that SSI Wallet was “a core component of the upcoming Web3 movement”.

“In just two years, W3C and DIF have defined high-level concepts and protocols that will stand out,” he said.

“We, in turn, designed our SSI to meet those protocols and leave room to adapt and grow with future changes.”


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