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Teacher transforms sponges into ‘silent Jenga’ for quiet playtime hack

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This teacher’s DIY Jenga game made out of sponges is a quiet playtime game-changer for both parents and kids!

Parents and teachers know that playtime can get pretty noisy, so what could be better than a quiet version of a classically loud game? Enter silent Jenga

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In the clip, TikTok account Teacher Hacks (@teacherhacks) shows how to turn down the volume on the tumbling block tower using something you probably already have in your home: kitchen sponges!

To start, lay down two different colors of sponges horizontally. Feel free to customize your Jenga set with any color sponges you like. Just make sure that they’re thick enough to stack on top of one another to form a sturdy tower. 

Next, vertically cut each sponge into 5 even blocks, each approximately one inch long. Once all 54 pieces have been cut, they’re ready to stack! 

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When kids pull out a soft game piece from a wobbly stack of sponges instead of wooden blocks, there won’t be a loud crash when it all topples over. The only sounds you’ll be hearing are shrieks and giggles of anticipation and delight. 

Board games and building games, in general, can help teach children various skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and dexterity. Not to mention, this inexpensive and easy DIY silent version of Jenga is also a stimulating activity to entertain children when quiet time is needed at home

Quiet games are not only a great option for when there is a sleeping baby or an important work call, but they’re also great for children who experience sensory overload and react strongly to certain auditory or visual stimuli. 

Whether you’re a parent looking for some peace and quiet or trying to find a game to suit your child’s sensitivities, this silent Jenga game is a fun, money-saving option.

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