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Teenager outraged by parents’ ‘unfair’ suggested name for their new baby: ‘That’s incredibly weird’

Emerald Pellot
·2-min read

A teenager doesn’t want her baby sister to have the exact same name as her

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see who was wrong in the scenario. The 18-year-old’s father was not present in her life until a year ago. She lives with him and his new wife who is pregnant. But when her stepmother insisted on naming the new baby the same name as her, the Reddit poster disapproved. 

“I have never had a close relationship with my dad,” the teenager explained. “My parents didn’t want to have children but a mistake happened, I do have his last name but he was never present in my life until last year. I’m currently staying with him. My dad has a new wife and I met her last year, we don’t really like each other. Now she is pregnant, the baby will be born in June around my birthday.” 

Not only was the baby going to be born around her birthday, but her parents also insisted it shares her first and last name. 

“My name is Roseanne,” the teenager wrote. “My dad is super excited about this baby which I guess is good. But he and his wife want to name the baby Roseanne since her favorite flowers are roses. I don’t like the idea at all. It will be my exact name and surname. I usually go by Ro or Rosie but I still dislike the name idea. I suggested other similar names, the most obvious being Rose but they don’t like anything at all. My stepmom says that I’m being selfish because I’m ‘jealous’ of my dad wanting this baby. My dad is upset at me and says I should be mature and not gatekeep a name.”

Reddit users found the parent’s behavior to be troubling.

“It would be unfair to both you and the baby to have the same exact name. That’s incredibly weird,” someone commented

“Low-key sounds like the stepmom wants to replace you,” another wrote.

“If they do this your relationship should be over. It’s extremely disrespectful,” a user said

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