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The Term ‘Vulnerable Species’ Takes on a New Meaning in Animals in Therapy: a Comedic Digital Series by On the Edge

·4-min read

Supported by an all-star cast of voices, Animals in Therapy spotlights the plights of endangered and at-risk species with a comedic twist

LONDON, Sept. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, On the Edge, a UK-based media and conservation entity focused on commissioning and creating entertaining and informative content that emotionally connects the audience with nature, is releasing an original series of ten comedic short films featuring a glimpse inside the worlds of some of the most vulnerable species — both environmentally and emotionally! The first short film from the 10-part digital series will be released on September 8th, followed by a weekly release of single episodes.

The digital series, directed by Tim Hope, features real footage of endangered and at-risk species voiced-over by an all-star list of comedic talent such as Rhys Darby (Our Flag Means Death / Flight of the Conchords), Jessica Barden (The End of The F***ng World), Mae Martin (The Flight Attendant), Julian Barrett (The Mighty Boosh) and many more. Each digital short shines the spotlight on vulnerable animals such as Ground Pangolins, California Condors, and Eastern Rock Elephant Shrews sharing their challenges and anxieties in a group therapy-like setting and cinéma vérité style, addressing the viewer directly. From California Condors venting about their dating woes in light of dropping population rates, to tropical fish sharing their less-than-ideal living accommodations inside of a plastic milk carton — the cheeky tone is brought to life by the comedic talent and provides an entertaining spin on traditionally serious topics.

“Many of the species featured in Animals in Therapy are highly threatened and have historically received little or no conservation attention,” said On the Edge’s CEO Jonathan Bailie. Presenting the world through their eyes helps highlight how out of balance our relationship is with other animals and hopefully results in greater empathy for the 10M + species with which we share the planet.

Commissioned by On the Edge, Animals in Therapy was written and directed by Director Tim Hope and produced by the Emmy award-winning documentary studio PASSION Planet, a PASSION Pictures company. Tim Hope is known for his off-beat and uncanny sense of humor, which has been featured in dozens of comedic shorts over the years including “The Tired Parents,” among other viral hits. His signature style shines through in the series and is complemented by the lineup of comedic heavy hitters heard throughout each short film.

“The series really came to life thanks to our outstanding cast of talent who lent their voices to the project,” said Animals in Therapy Director and Writer Tim Hope. “The recognizable voices of comedic geniuses like Rhys Darby as the New Zealand-born Kakapo or the legendary Julian Barratt as a Ground Pangolin, hit just the right tone we wanted to accomplish with this series.”

Viewers can watch Animals in Therapy at, on YouTube and @ontheedge_org on Instagram. Each of the 10 short films will premiere every Thursday through November 10, 2022. To learn more, visit

Animals in Therapy Episode Schedule:

  • Thursday 8th September - ”Self Care ft. Kakapo”

    • Voiced by Rhys Darby

  • Thursday 15th September - “Imposter Syndrome ft. Elephant Shrew”

    • Voiced by Mae Martin

  • Thursday 22nd September– “Forever Young ft. Axolotl”

    • Voiced by Adrian Bliss

  • Thursday 29th September -”Self Help ft. Sikafa”

    • Voiced by Johnny Pemberton

  • Thursday 6th October– “Flat Sharing No-no’s! ft. Porcupinefish”

    • Voiced by Rhys Darby (Golden Goby), Tim Hope (Birdbeak Burrfish), Julian Barratt (Black Sea Goby), Jessica Barden (Birdbeak Burrfish, Red-spotted Blenny, Thornback Cowfish), and Adrian Bliss (Axolotl)

  • Thursday 13th October– “Dating Dilemmas ft. California Condor”

    • Voiced by Jessica Barden & Juliette Stearn

  • Thursday 20th October – “Meditation Techniques ft. Swimming Crabs”

    • Voiced by Hannah Pilkes & Lisa Gilroy

  • Thursday 27th October – “Safe Space Invader ft. Javan Slow Loris”

    • Voiced by Jamel Johnson & Johnny Pemberton

  • Thursday 3rd of November – “Stressed Out ft. Ground Pangolin”

    • Voiced by Julian Barratt

  • Thursday 10th of November - “Group Therapy Sesh”

    • Voiced by Johnny Pemberton (Bonobo), Mae Martin (Woolly Monkey, Sumatran Rhino), Jamal Johnson (Leaf Mantis), and Julian Barratt (Hairy Frog, Grey Crowned Crane)

On the Edge is made up of storytellers and scientists working to reconnect people with nature. They believe that while we are all part of the natural world, we’ve never been more detached. To address this, On the Edge is reconnecting people with the wonder of life on earth to ensure all nature thrives. They accomplish this through entertaining, engaging and informative content highlighting the beauty and wonder of the natural world without denying the reality that our most vulnerable animals and ecosystems face every day.

PASSION Planet, a PASSION Pictures company, was established in 2011, and creates iconic documentary features and series covering unchartered territory and amplifying unheard voices from around the world. Produced with highest production values by the multi award-winning team, PASSION Planet challenges the norm when it comes to science and conservation documentaries. After a prolific twenty-year career as a leading Producer in his field, multi Emmy-award winning DAVID ALLEN now heads up a large team of leading creatives, producers and experts across Planet’s specialist output.

Recent Credits Include: My Garden Of A Thousand Bees; My Life as a Turkey; the award-winning feature doc Serengeti Rules, The Octopus in My House (BBC) and the landmark series, H2O: The Molecule that Made Us (PBS).

Tim Hope is a PASSION Pictures director whose energetic, offbeat style has found its way into everything from comic collage pieces to CGI to puppeteering. He has directed commercials for Iams, J20, Compare the Market, Beano and others, always bringing across his uncanny humour. Tim created a series of short films ‘The Tired Parents’ with actor and friend Andy Bone, the fictional band ‘The Pod’ with Julian Barret and was visual effects director for episodes of the second series of the Mighty Boosh.