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Terrell Owens claims Max Kellerman 'seems blacker than' Stephen A. Smith for Colin Kaepernick analysis

A lot has gone down on ESPN’s “First Take” this week after Colin Kaepernick held what wound up being his own workout in Atlanta rather than a private, NFL cameras only affair.

It took a spike Thursday when former star wide receiver Terrell Owens was on the show and told Stephen A. Smith, who has voiced his criticism of Kaepernick everywhere, that host Max Kellerman “seems blacker than you, Stephen A.”

That had Smith calling timeout and resulted in an ongoing day of Twitter back-and-forths and Smith insisting he is right about it all.

Smith criticizes Kaepernick; Kellerman argues back

Owens’ comment was sparked by earlier episodes this week. Smith has been vocal about Kaepernick, alleging he “doesn’t want to play.”

Kellerman used a segment Monday to ask the questions about the “world we ought to live in.” It included asking about the choice of day, the late notice and the waiver that the NFL asked Kaepernick to sign.

That brought it to Thursday with Owens.

Owens questions Smith’s blackness

With Owens video conferencing into the show on Thursday, the issue took on a new angle when Owens attacked the ESPN personality for his views. Owens argued that Kaepernick wanted transparency in the workout, hence why he moved the location over the weekend and declined to sign the waiver.

“Max almost seems blacker than you Stephen A,” Owens said.

Smith interrupted with “I’m going to check you right now. You done crossed the line.” He then gave a long retort that included acknowledgment he was indeed “from the streets” in opposition to Owens’ claim.

“I don’t want to hear … What’s the definition of blackness? Is there a definitive definition of blackness? Why are you giving the impression that because I don’t march lockstep with every single thing that Colin Kaepernick wants, OK, excuse me.”

Smith alleged that he offered two hours of the “First Take” platform to Kaepernick and had done so for Eric Reid, who took a knee with Kaepernick and has been outspoken about his friend, but the men declined.

“I know people at other networks that has given Colin Kaepernick that same thing. They disagreed with him to some degree. Are you questioning their blackness too?”

Owens said he didn’t mean any disrespect. The disagreement then spilled out to Twitter, where the two disagreed on how exactly Owens ended up on the show in the first place.

Owens shared a screen shot of a conversation to show he was asked on the show. Damian Woody, a two-time Super Bowl champion and NFL analyst on ESPN, also got entangled in this battle by jumping into Owens’ mentions and saying he brought nothing “REAL” to the show.

Then later on Thursday, Smith opened up his radio show to calls for the entire segment.

“Nobody’s hiding. I am absolutely right on this,” he said to open.

Terrell Owens and Stephen A. Smith got into a row Thursday. (Omar Vega/AP Images for Nestle Butterfinger)

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