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TfL defends banning water brand’s ‘distasteful’ aubergine advert

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A company that wanted to advertise an aubergine “in its natural glory” has been told by Transport for London to tone down its provocative Underground poster.

DASH, an infused sparkling water brand, uses wonky fruit for its drinks but the rail coordinator said it needs to shape up to abide by its advertising policies.

The company has been sent back to the drawing board after falling foul of Clause 2.3c - which states the ad could be “seen as distasteful, indecent or obscene, in its use of imagery, language or otherwise”.

“We say there is nothing more wholesome than an aubergine in its natural glory,” said company co-founder Jack Scott.

“Food waste is one of the biggest environmental challenges we face, and overcoming it means we can no longer reject fruit and veg based on looks. Every nutritional and flavourful misfit should have a home in our diets, and on our billboards.”

DASH still hopes their #lovewonky ad campaign will reach 3million Londoners before the summer is out, although don’t expect to see any aubergines.

A Transport for London statement confirmed: “This creative was rejected as it does not comply with our advertising policy. An alternative creative is currently running on our network.”

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