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The 10 easiest places in the UK to get a local job

Photo of candidates waiting for a job interview. Selective focus
Workers in North Ayrshire in Scotland face the most competition when looking for a job in their hometown. (Getty)

Oxfordshire has been revealed as the easiest place to get a local job in the UK, according to new data from job site Indeed.

Indeed collected the data by analysing millions of jobs advertised across its platform and millions of CVs uploaded to the site in 2019 to discover which areas had the most — and fewest — candidates per job across the UK.

The top three easiest places to find a job are all in the South East, and most spots in the top 10 is taken by areas in the south of England, with Oxfordshire followed by Surrey and Berkshire.

Top 10 easiest places to get a local job in the UK
The top 10 easiest places to get a local job in the UK. (Indeed)

Two areas of Scotland buck the trend for it being easier to find a job in the south of England as Edinburgh comes in at number four and, despite its remote location and large seasonal workforce in the hospitality and retail sectors, Argyll and Bute is at number nine.

Places in Scotland and Wales dominate the list of areas with the greatest shortage of local jobs, relative to the number of candidates. Workers in North Ayrshire in Scotland face the most competition when looking for a job in their hometown, followed by Angus in Scotland and Rhondda Cynon Taf in Wales.

London is the most popular place for foreign workers looking for jobs, pulling in 38% of clicks from jobseekers abroad. Manchester is second but receives just 4% of the UK’s overall share of interest from overseas workers.

Easiest places to find a job in the UK
The easiest and hardest places to find a job in the UK. (Indeed)

Pawel Adrjan, UK economist and head of EMEA research at Indeed, said: “Although the unemployment rate is close to record lows and the jobs boom has only kept going, our research shows the picture is not the same across the country. In fact, jobseekers’ experiences of finding a local job differs depending on where in the country they are.

“In many areas with less robust demand from employers, particularly in Wales and Scotland, it is more difficult for jobseekers to find work close to home, because there are a lot of candidates competing for jobs or there are not enough opportunities for everyone.

“Good transport links are crucial in ensuring people in those areas are able to reach other nearby towns and cities where there is higher demand for candidates.

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“Our research also underlines how opportunities to recruit global talent may be being missed around the UK, as 40% of all clicks from foreign workers on UK jobs are for London.

“The regions need to do more to make themselves attractive to the global pool of talent if they want to recruit people with the key skills critical to their local economies.”