The best apps for managing your money

If you’re terrible with your cash but good with technology, these apps can help revitalise your finances

Whether your problem is motivating yourself to save for a particular goal, keeping track of what you’re spending, sticking to a budget or simply managing to be organised with your money, the solution is only a few clicks away...

Check all your accounts at once

The OnTrees mobile app allows you to see the balances of all your different bank accounts and credit cards, and track the spending of each account. This is really useful if you are rubbish at keeping track of how much you’re spending on your different debit and credit cards.

It’s not the easiest app to set up, with a strange keypad that juggles around as you try to type on it, but once it gets going, it works well.

Alternatively, use the Money Track application from online. As well as allowing you to check all your accounts, categorise your spending and set a budget, it also offers vouchers and recommends products based on what you are spending your money on. Both are free to use.

Estimate your net worth

The Your Wealth mobile app, available on the iPhone and Android, is an extremely comprehensive budgeting app that allows you to build a clear picture of your current and future estimated net worth as well as track your expenditure vis-a-vis your targets over time.

You can see an estimate of how much money you will have tomorrow or in 10 years’ time, and set yourself financial goals to work towards, such as saving for a property deposit or retirement.

It’s free to download but you’ll be asked if you want to upgrade to link your bank accounts to the app, for £1.49 a month. Don’t bother, you can use OnTrees or Money Track instead which don’t charge a penny.

Budget your spending on the go

Toshl Finance is a fun and user-friendly budgeting app enables you to track your spending on the go. Each time you buy something, you open the app and make a note of what it was and how much you spent. Then you can set yourself a budget and see if you stick to it, and if not, what you’re overspending on.

The Toshl monsters somehow make the process seem a lot less boring, and it’s really quick and easy to use when you’re out and about. It’s entirely free to download and use.

An online alternative is the Budgetbrain app. This is different from a lot of other budgeting apps because it enables you to budget across a year rather than over a month. So for example you plug in all the expenses you expect to have to pay for, say, your summer holiday and Christmas and then it gives you a monthly budget that includes these expenses. Again, it's free to use.

Motivate yourself to save

If you find it hard to stay motivated to save for your financial goals, particularly in the face of temptations, then OrSaveIt is the app for you. It's a bit tricky to set it up initially - you have to sign out and then create an account before you can start to use it, but it is worth taking the time to do.

It works by asking you to create a picture of your saving goal and set your target amount. Then each time you are tempted to buy something you don’t need, you open the app, remind yourself visually of the goal you are saving for and plug in the amount you have ‘saved’ by not buying the item you were tempted to purchase.

At the end of each week, the app will email you to tell you how much you’ve effectively saved so you can transfer this amount into your savings account. Reviewers on iTunes claim it has really helped them to meet their savings targets. It’s free to download.

Organise your finances

Keep forgetting to pay your bills on time? The Bill Assistant mobile app can help you. You plug in information about all the regular bills you need to pay, and the app reminds you when each bill needs to be paid. You can also check which bills are due soon. The app is free but you have to upgrade to get an ad-free version, which costs 69p.

Another good option if you are worried about losing your credit and debit cards is Cards Gone free online app. Instead of paying £70 or more for a card protection service, simply input the details of all your cards (including loyalty and membership cards) into this app and it will store all the information for you for free. It also automatically compiles all the phone numbers you’ll need if they are lost or stolen, so you can contact all your providers immediately in an emergency.