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The jobs of the future that Brits are most keen to take on

Young femal e engineer concept. GUI (Graphical User Interface).
Almost a third of workers worry about their job becoming automated in the future, a new survey found. Photo: Getty

Body positivity experts, space tourism and social media jobs — be it influencer or detoxer — look set to be some of the most popular occupations in the future, research shows.

A survey of 2,000 working Brits by job board CV-Library looked at jobs that might be available by 2050 and asked respondents to select which seemed most appealing to them.

Body positivity is high on Brits’ agendas, with almost a quarter (23%) of Brits wishing they could be a “body positivity expert”.

Space tourism guide came in second with 21%, followed by air drone traffic controller at 19%.

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Preventing species extinction is also important to Brits, with 17% finding resurrection biology a potentially appealing job.

Meanwhile, the same amount (17%) would like to be artificial intelligence teachers.

Social media jobs continue to grow in popularity and appeal, with 16% of Brits finding the prospect of being an “influencer lecturer” interesting.

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Robot liaison officer, ethical technology advisor, and personal content curator are appealing roles to 14% of Brits.

Meanwhile, 13% would like to help people by becoming a digital detox therapist, helping them to disconnect from social media and technology for their mental health.

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Almost a third (29%) of workers worry about their job becoming automated in the future, the survey found.

Workers in social care (85.2%), distribution (70%), automotive (68.2%), construction (66.7%), and education (63.3%) are most likely to believe that their jobs will no longer be around in 30 years’ time.

Lee Biggins at CV-Library said: “The job market is continuing to evolve and new technologies are bringing new opportunities for UK professionals. Naturally, this might be met with hostility, particularly if you feel that your job is being threatened by automation. But that’s why it’s so important to constantly focus on up-skilling and developing in your career.

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“Of course, this is by no means an extensive list and some of these job titles might seem a little far-fetched right now. However, it’s important to understand where our future jobs might be heading.”

When asked which jobs they feel are most likely to emerge in the future, Brits named air traffic drone controller (29%), AI teacher (26%), and body positivity expert (22%) as the top three.

“Given that drones and AI are already technologies that are operating in the market; and with body positivity being such a big topic right now, it’s no wonder that Brits see these job roles as most likely to come to fruition,” Biggins said.

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“A lot of these area might simply become part of an existing job, so it’s important to keep on top of what’s happening in the industry you work in.”