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The Twins now have the longest postseason losing streak ever in the four major sports

Mike Oz
·3-min read

There’s a new synonym for postseason futility — the Minnesota Twins.

With their heartbreaking 4-1 loss to the Houston Astros on Tuesday, the Twins have now lost 17 straight games in the playoffs dating back to 2004. That beats the previous record, held by the Chicago Blackhawks from 1975-1979. This, from YES Network statistician James Smyth:

The Game 1 loss to the Astros was even tougher to swallow because of the circumstances. The game was tied 1-1 in the ninth inning, but the Twins walked in the go-ahead run and then allowed two more to score. If you like even more history, the bases-loaded walk was the first time ever that there was a go-ahead walk in the ninth inning of a postseason game.

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Rough all around for Minnesota. This dry spell dates back to 2004, when they lost the ALDS to the Yankees but at least won one game. Since then, they were swept in the ALDS by the A’s in 2006, and then by the Yankees in 2009 and 2010. In 2017, they lost the wild-card game to the Yankees and in 2019, they were swept by the Yankees again in the ALDS.

What are the odds? Well, quite long.

The Twins lost their 17th straight postseason game on Tuesday. (Photo by Jordan Johnson/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
The Twins lost their 17th straight postseason game on Tuesday. (Photo by Jordan Johnson/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

The No. 7 seed Astros should have been some welcome non-pinstriped relief for the No. 2 seed Twins, but not quite. Not in Game 1 at least. In fact, the Astros have won 42 postseason games since the Twins last won one — how’s that feel, Minnesota?

Other things that have happened since the Twins last won a postseason game:

• The Giants won three World Series and the Red Sox won four.

• Twins slugger Nelson Cruz has hit an MLB-best 395 homers.

• LeBron James has scored 23,552 points.

• Apple has released 17 different iPhone models.

• Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok all launched.

• 266 episodes of “The Simpsons” have aired.

And, the flipside of that: The Seattle Mariners, the team with the longest postseason drought in baseball, haven’t played a single playoff game in that time. So it could always be worse.

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