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These are the traits you need to land a new job

Your ability to adapt could determine whether or not you get hired. Photo: Johanna Buguet/Unsplash

Is your CV riddled with buzzwords like “hard-working”, “team-player” and ‘self-motivated’? Well, there’s actually some new skills that employers are favouring.

A survey of UK employers by job site CV-Library has revealed what traits they think are most important in a potential hire right now.

Adaptability is the most desirable trait in an worker, the survey found, with 72% of employers saying its one of the things they look for when hiring. However, two thirds (58%) said resilience is also key, and two fifths said willingness to upskill is just as important.

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Ability to change (31%), being able to balance work with their personal life (29%) and being a good networker (16%) were also desired qualities.

Lee Biggins, CEO of CV-Library said: “The world of work is constantly changing, influenced by a range of factors – from technological advances and rapidly evolving jobs, to a change in employee expectation and a rise in remote working.

“When applying for jobs or attending interviews, be sure to understand what the company is looking for in their next hire. Then demonstrate that you have those skills by using practical examples to highlight your experience.”

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According to the study, 89.3% of employers take a proactive approach to helping their employees up-skill. Over four in five employers (83%) said improving in these desirable areas is necessary for professionals to progress in their career.

What’s more, half said these skills set employees apart from other professionals, with 35% saying it can even provide added job security, and a third saying these employees are likely to secure a bigger pay packet.

Two in five (44%) believe candidates should consider working on these areas to “add variety” to their job.