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TikTok parent’s impression of toddlers running is hilariously accurate

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This TikTok parent’s video perfectly captures what it would look like if adults ran like toddlers, and it’s hilariously accurate! 

Danni Harvey (@danniharvey) is a TikToker and parent who likes to post “embarrassing and kind of funny videos.” Recently, Harvey shared a hilarious video depicting what adults would look like if they ran like toddlers

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The clip, captioned “when adults run like toddlers,” begins with footage of Harvey’s adorable bare-footed toddler playfully galloping through their living room amongst various toys and games scattered around the floor. 

The camera cuts to a comparison shot where Harvey theatrically shuffles between each foot with both her arms flailing in the air. She then lunges her body to the left while turning a corner resulting in a toddler-esque tumble. 

“Owwwwww,” Harvey playfully moans as she falls to the floor before giggling on her back with her feet in the air. Typical toddler behavior

The video’s hilarious relatability struck a chord with both parents and non-parents alike. 

“The Olympics would be so much better,” joked one user.

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“I just choked on my cereal from laughter. It’s just the way you said ‘ow’ it sounds like ‘meow,’” one viewer shares. 

“Oh man, she got a bit carried away. I know that hurt, hahaha I’m sorry [it’s] just so realistic,” one person said, appreciating Harvey’s commitment. 

“They are so jumpy like a bunny. I’m so scared they are going to die when they run or walk. I just [go into] panic mode,” shared one cautious viewer. 

Toddlers are known for their unusual and often amusing habits. According to WebMD, toddlers are kind of like “little cave [people],” from throwing their tiny bodies in every direction to ditching their clothes no matter where they are. 

Since toddlers function mainly in the right side of their brain and are impulsive, emotional, and nonverbal, they possess a powerful sense of curiosity and exploration. Harvey’s video captures the essence of a toddler’s chaotic inner workings, which is what ultimately makes it so funny.

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