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TikTok points out why you never see mosquitoes at Disney World: 'Is this actually true?'

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A TikToker is blowing people’s minds after he explained why you never see mosquitoes at Disney World, despite it being in “the middle of a Florida swamp.”

Previously, Disney fans have taken to TikTok with their biggest park “secrets.” Users on the app have shared their tricks for getting free FastPasses, the “secret detail” hidden in the parks’ coffee shops and updates on the parks’ latest snack foods.

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In this instance, Michael McBride, who posts under the handle @ideasoup, stunned his 756,000 followers with a revelation in a recent video that has since racked up over 1.5 million views.

“There are no mosquitoes at Disney World, even though it’s in the middle of the Florida swamps,” McBride wrote over the video. “Disney doesn’t want anything to damage a guest’s experience, so they have a ‘Mosquito Surveillance Program.'”

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According to McBride, this Mosquito Surveillance Program is “one of the best in the world.”

A Disney-dedicated YouTube channel called Midway to Main Street reported on the mosquito team in a 2018 video. The channel alleged that, in addition to there being carbon dioxide traps everywhere, once bugs are caught, the Disney team actually freezes them and then analyzes the population to figure out how to eradicate them.

On the Walt Disney World FAQ page, the company simply says, “We have an extensive mosquito prevention and monitoring program across the property.”

“They spray 86 miles with insecticide twice a day,” McBride continued. “They even have ‘sentinel chickens,’ whose blood they test for mosquito-borne illnesses.”

The chickens are supposedly put in coops all over Disney World and studied. The chickens will not get sick from any mosquito-borne illnesses like West Nile, for example, but if one of them does register the virus in their bloodstream, the team will know explicitly where in the park they need to target.

The comments seemed split, with some having a very “the devil works hard but Disney works harder” mentality, and others being stunned that this much effort goes into an aspect of the park that nobody ever talks about.

“Is this actually true?” one person wrote. “I’m so confused!”

“They also use garlic to keep the mosquitoes away!” a Disney fan pointed out. “Just small enough concentrations that we can’t smell [it] but [the bugs] do.”

“If I get bit by a mosquito at Disney World, I’mma complain,” another joked.

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