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TikTokers flabbergasted by ‘awful’ $18 menu item at Versace Mansion restaurant: ‘How are they not embarrassed serving that?’

A woman on TikTok took it upon herself to investigate a rumor that the Versace Mansion’s restaurant serves an incredibly lackluster $18 salad.

TikTok user @lynseyb29 was the first to share her experience trying the Caesar salad at the Versace Mansion. The Mansion’s restaurant, Gianni’s, is named after the late Italian designer who lived in the villa, and visitors can dine poolside while taking in the historic location.

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Over audio from a disappointed Tyra Banks in an America’s Next Top Model clip, @lynseyb29 filmed a shot of the appetizer, which consisted of four leaves, around five or six croutons and was topped with a slice of cheese.

“How are they not embarrassed serving that?” someone asked.

TikTok user @godcallsmeniki wanted to see for herself if this was a one-time salad mishap or if this was really what Gianni’s serves customers for $18. For her 30th birthday, @godcallsmeniki decided to investigate firsthand.

“Thanks to this video, I’ve decided to spend my 30th birthday at the Versace Mansion,” @godcallsmeniki said. “I’m going to go be extra and see if it’s really like that.”

@godcallsmeniki also shared that she and her friend spent over an hour waiting for a table they had made reservations for. Then, the salad arrived.

“As expected,” @godcallsmeniki said, filming the Caesar salad. “Excellent. One slice of cheese.”

Ultimately, @godcallsmeniki added in the caption that she “left no crumbs” but that to charge $18 for “lil leaves” and “this slice of cheese” was ridiculous.

“I had the same salad,” a commenter said. “They could have at least cut it up.”

“I hated my experience there,” another agreed. “Food was awful. I didn’t even get a slice of cheese on top, so they must’ve come up since then.”

Why are people ordering the Caesar salad in the first place? In 2009, the Miami New Times named the Caesar salad at Gianni’s — then named Loftin’s — the best in Miami.

Built in 1930 and made iconic by Gianni Versace’s stay from 1992 until his death in 1997, the Versace Mansion has since become a luxury boutique hotel known as The Villa Casa Casuarina. Rates to stay in the hotel start at $749 per night.

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