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TikToker jokingly predicts how future grandkids will react to our current photos: 'Screaming'

A hilarious new TikTok is going viral for imagining what it would look like if our grandkids one day found photos of us taken during our “wild” youth.

The clip is an edited version of a scene from Disney’s 2017 animated film Coco. In it, the character Miguel is overcome with emotion when he finds the missing piece of a black-and-white photograph. When he puts the torn piece back in place, he sees an image of his grandparents together in happier times, which instantly brings tears to his eyes.

In the edited version making its way around TikTok, Miguel sees something much different when he puts the torn photo back together.

“POV: It’s 2080 and our grandkids find pictures of when their grandparents were young,” the video caption reads.


As the camera pans from Miguel’s face to the black-and-white photo, we see “grandpa” bending “grandma” over inside a bar in a not-so-family-friendly way.

“Screaming,” wrote one person.

“The way I spit out my coffee,” added someone else.

“Wish we could have that pure 2020 love,” another person joked, imagining what their grandkids might think if they found this.

Some people noted that physical photographs like this probably won’t be around in 2080 anyway, but at least one person pointed out that “the internet never forgets,” meaning our days of wild debauchery will definitely survive time — for better or worse.

But even if our grandkids discover our embarrassing Snapchats and PG-13 Instagram posts, it might not be so bad.

“The picture of my grandma doing crazy things are my favorite ones of her,” one TikToker wrote. “She looks happiest in them.”

Hopefully, by the time 2080 rolls around, we’ll be long gone or things will have changed so much that our old photos will seem tame. (Hey, we can dream, right?)

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