TikToker realizes she forgot to close front door when she finds lambs in living room: 'Get out!'

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The sheep got quite the send-off after they snuck into their caretaker’s home.

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Donna Turner is a pet lover. She takes in animals that others can’t care for, including everything from rescue dogs and cats to orphaned donkeys and lambs. Turner has even recently launched a GoFundMe to raise funds for an ailing rescue donkey. With all the animals around, it’s no surprise she resides on a small farm. One day, she made an honest mistake and left her door open.

Watch this bland Brooklyn bedroom become a mid-century modern escape in just one day:

“I forgot to shut the front door,” the video caption read.

There were too fluffy lambs standing in the middle of her living room. She shooed the lambs, who were munching on a houseplant on the coffee table. The animals slowly and reluctantly trotted through the maze of couches and hallways as Turner followed behind.

“Out! Out! Get out! Out! Get out! Idiots!” she said lovingly.

The hilarious video racked up 11.3 million views and 1.8 million likes on TikTok.

A TikToker asked how the lambs knew the exact way out, Turner replied, “Because they have been coming in since they were a week old but not for a while now as they are too big and knock everything over.”

“Just sampling everything like it’s Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory,” a user said.

“Why [are] they walking like they’re your sassy aunties,” another joked.

“They came for a cup of tea and some scones,” a person wrote.

With just $1,000 and one day, this Harlem bedroom gets a brand new look:

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