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Today is National 4pm Finish Day so go have a word with your boss

Cheers!: A 4pm finish sounds good to us (Getty)

As if the mere fact that it’s Friday wasn’t already cause enough for celebration, there’s another reason for you to end this week on a high: today is also ‘National 4pm Finish Day’.

Devised by Red Bull, the energy drink firm suggest you: “Grab a Red Bull, smash through your work and then get down to more important business, like enjoying the weekend.”

National 4pm Finish Day was Red Bull’s idea (Getty)


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They insist #4pmFinish isn’t about slacking off, however – it’s actually about being even more productive than you would be usually.

To prove their point, Red Bull have roped in a few experts, including a global success coach, a productivity guru and an ex-England rugby star turned life coach to share their productivity tips.

They don’t need to convince us, mind – what’s not to like about a 4pm finish? Unless that’s when you usually stop work, that is. Then it’s a bit less special.


Or if you work in an industry where no amount of productivity will be able to earn you an early exit.

But for the rest of us, there’s this.