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Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs

·15-min read

Two Comma PR

Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs
Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs
Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs

London, United Kingdom, Feb. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The world of business has changed dramatically over the past decade. With opportunities opening up in the online era of business, we have seen a huge shift in the dynamic of the ‘corporate world’ in years gone by. Today, more and more women are taking the plunge into business - forging their own path and creating the life they truly want to live. According to Two Comma PR, the rise of female entrepreneurship has only just begun. Each doing amazing things in their own right, here we present the top 10 female entrepreneurs to keep an eye on in 2021.

Mimi Bakari Marwa (mimibakarimarwa)

Mimi Bakari Marwa is a successful entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of businesses in industries such as beauty and wellness, property and new media. Her journey began with a PR and marketing firm that handled lifestyle clients ranging from EA Games to major music labels. After doing that job for a while, she decided to pursue her lifelong interest in natural and organic plant ingredients. She learned how to make a variety of handmade beauty products and set up Happy Devas to offer them to the world.

With her beauty and wellness company established, Mimi switched her focus to property. She invested in numerous London properties and set up an agency called Franok Property to manage them. She is currently working with landlords and investors to maximise their returns by investing in property as opposed to leaving the money in the bank at almost 0%, and her firm has a target of housing 3,000 people in the next three years.

Franok Property aims to match clients to the right properties, renovations and decorations and get settled in their new homes within one initial consultation. This meeting can be about investment properties, property refurbishments, management or lettings. The firm also works with commercial to residential conversions and off-market renovation residential projects.

Mimi is happy to participate in any speaking and consulting opportunities and features.

Jessica Alderson (@jessiealderson)

Jessica Alderson is an ex-investment banker who has discovered her passion as an entrepreneur. She graduated with a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Bath and immediately joined Morgan Stanley where she worked as an equity research analyst.

After spending 5 years in investment banking, where she worked on a number of IPOs, she decided to take a break to travel the world and learn more about personality compatibility, something that had always intrigued her. It was this path that led Jessica to create So Syncd, a dating app that matches compatible personality types, which is designed to help people find love faster.

Jessica co-founded So Syncd with her sister, Louella, and it’s the first dating app and website based on matching compatible personality types. Jessica has always been passionate about understanding people and the psychology behind relationships, which inspired her to find a way to use personality compatibility to make the dating experience more meaningful, fun and successful.

Having been disillusioned with the superficiality of dating apps herself, she understood the gap that needed to be bridged in order to make the online dating experience more effective. So Syncd is based on the Myers and Briggs test, the most widely-used personality test in the world. The app pairs people with just the right amount of similarities to form a strong connection and just the right amount of differences to create that spark everyone is looking for. The dating app has grown faster than she could have ever hoped for during its first year. It already boasts an incredibly high success rate, with many happy couples finding love and even one So Syncd wedding.

Rajni Ghir (@shape_coaching)

Rajni Ghir is a former corporate consultant turned Certified Transformational Life Coach, NLP & Timeline Therapy Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

Having overcome depression and a lifelong struggle to find purpose, Rajni found her calling through the birth of Shape Coaching; a heart centred life-coaching practice, with connection at its core.

Rajni’s growing success in this sector has also been evidenced by her successful feature in The Guardian in December 2020. She was featured alongside others who had taken the ‘plunge’ into new ventures at the beginning of the global pandemic, and have now found a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Shape’s mission is to help others tap into their deepest, most sought-after vision, to unlock their inner potential and become the creator of their life; and no longer a bystander.

Shape offers 1-on-1 coaching which empowers clients to live into their most powerful dreams. Clients are encouraged to dream big, to build a resilient mindset, to change their internal narrative; and most importantly, to take action.

In addition to 1-on-1 coaching, Shape has recently launched a 1 day intensive, the ‘Shape Your Life’ strategy day. The session is focused on connecting you to your fullest potential, giving you clarity of vision, and creating a strategy to kickstart you into action.

‘If you have a burning desire inside, something you can’t quite explain but just feel deeply within; if you know that you are not living the life that you are meant to, or have a big vision; then let’s have a powerful conversation.’ - Rajni Ghir, Shape Coaching.

Monja Meyer (@ monja_meyer)

Monja Meyer is a Mindset & Business Coach who values authenticity above everything else. While working in several nine-to-five office jobs, she experienced a world that was both boring and full to the brim with sleazy sales and marketing tactics designed to make money by whatever means necessary.

Unsurprisingly, Monja was unhappy in these environments. She never saw herself working in an office until 60+ and she had this niggling feeling inside that she had more potential. So she eventually allowed her rebel-minded and unconventional nature to lead her to entrepreneurship. She did not want anyone to tell her how to do things. She wanted to build a business her way and now she helps others do the same.

Monja believes the world needs more women entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and take the leap to become their own boss. She believes women need to stop playing small, dimming their light and instead own who they are and be unapologetically themselves. And she believes that your uniqueness is your superpower and helps you cultivate that effectively for business growth. Her brand Brave Boss helps you to run a business through alignment and ditching sleazy tactics that feel draining.

Monja’s ideal clients are female entrepreneurs seeking to build impactful business aligned to their unconventional nature. They want to earn an income doing what they love and actually make a difference in other people’s lives and the world. They don't want to build a meaningless business just for money or ego-stroking. They have a deeper calling. So Monja empowers them to become confident CEOs who own their greatness and put themselves out there.

You can book a one-to-one coaching session with Monja, sign up for her free course on signing clients with social media, listen to her podcast on sales confidence and entrepreneurs mindset or join her facebook group.

Heather Monahan (@heathermonahan)

Heather Monahan is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, TedX speaker, Executive Coach and more recently been appointed to the Board of Directors for Healthlynked Corp. After successfully climbing the corporate ladder 20 years plus, Heather is one of the select women to break the glass ceiling, claiming her deserved spot in the C-Suite.

Heather’s accolades do not stop there. In 2017, she was touted as One of the Most Influential Women in Radio; the following year Thrive Global named her a Limit Breaking Female Founder.

Her engaging story has been told in her book, Confidence Creator, which shot to the top spot in the Amazon Business biography category. This led to the development of Heather’s podcast which is consistently in the Top 200 podcasts on Apple. Key guests have included Ryan Serhant, Sara Blakely and Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Heather has been a consistent achiever since her humble beginnings, for example -in her early 20’s she was able to net $30 Million on a sale with her business partners. With such an array of successes and media praise, you would be fooled to not check out Heather’s newest book, Leapfrogging Villains, which lands in Q4 2021.

Lisa Love (lisalovesmarketing)

Lisa Love is the CMO and Co-Founder of Tanoshi – a company with a mission to provide an equitable digital education for all children all around the world and of all backgrounds. Here Lisa is kept busy overseeing the vast planning, development and execution of the marketing strategy.

Prior to this, Lisa Love had a very strong corporate career- working in product and brand marketing for integral brands such as Del Monte and Heinz.

It was early 2018 when Tanoshi entered the US retail market. Its first product the “Tanoshi 2-in-1 Computer for Kids” is a pre-teen computer with preloaded curated content, containing educational and productivity applications. May 2020 was another huge breakthrough for Lisa, with her appearance on hit US show Shark Tank, where she and Team Tanoshi received a deal and backing from Daymond John.

Inspiration for Tanoshi stemmed from Lisa’s upbringings. Her father is a successful engineer and mother a district teacher in Los Angeles for 50 years. It was this synergy of domains which helped lead the creation of Tanoshi. Furthermore, the importance of access to technology for children became more important than ever during the COVID pandemic. Over 16 million school children in America had either no computer or Internet access at home at the start of 2020, putting them at a huge disadvantage education wise. With brands like Tanoshi and education entrepreneurs like Lisa Love leading the way – change is here, and here to stay.

Seffie Wells (seffie-wells)

Baby brand, aidie London, produces the world’s only shoes, designed by experts in infant development. Their shoes actively enhance Cognitive function in babies, during the walking process.

It was only 12 months after launch, where Seffie Wells found herself at the House of Lords and the FSB Awards –in front of political powerhousesTheresa May and Philip Hammond, where she won the National Start up awards.

This was a great story for a company, which had been founded out of adversity. Wells had fled her home after her convicted ex-partner had been released from prison, as a single parent in a women’s refuge –many would have folded. Here she found the strength to set up her own business, after finding there were no baby shoes available which actively contributed infant development.

Aidie London has now captured over 32 international awards in its first two years trading and Wells has become an ambassador for domestic violence charity, White Ribbon. The entrepreneur wants to use the success she has achieved to assist others on their journey. She runs an executive coaching programme for female entrepreneurs with the next cycle starting in March 2021.

In 2020, Wells launched The Aidie Trust, which supports and gives grants to mothers of babies living in domestic abuse refuges in the UK. The charity’s care packs have contributions from UNICEF's Baby Friendly Initiative, Harvard's Centre on the Developing Child and British experts in infant development. With her industry connections and drive –we are sure Seffie Wells will continue to shine.

Ranj Hothi (@rhothi)

Are you seeking for more out of life? Meet Ranj Hothi, the life coach changing the lives of her clients.

Ranj Hothi is a successful life coach who provides personal connection and guidance. Every client she helps is given something unique to them, and through this tailored approach she instils in her clients the belief they need to see the highest version of themselves.

The source of Ranj’s understanding of how to reach people is her own past. For years of her childhood and early adult life, she experienced a desire to end her life. But she got through these dark times and reached a place of fulfilment where all she wants to do is love and laugh and enjoy the gift of life. This personal journey of self-growth inspired her to develop her personal lifestyle coaching business.

Ranj trained for over 10 years with spiritual masters and world-leading mentors to learn the art of life coaching. She aims to help her clients find the things that bring them true peace and happiness. Her ideal client is prepared to let go of all that has not been working. This person is ready for change and able to bring the best of themselves out. They are ready to release the pain and suffering they have been carrying and make the necessary changes to flourish in every area of their lives.

Away from work, Ranj enjoys her life as a 41-year-old single mother with her two teenagers and their adorable puppy Apollo. She has come a long way from the time when her son was kindergarten age, she had just 25 cents to her name, and had to rely on the kindness of people who happened to work at the local food terminal, that brought food to put on the table for her family. Ranj encourages people to remember that we are not our experiences, but the one choosing our experience.

In 2021, Ranj is launching her podcast. To book a strategy call, click here.

Steffi Baker (@steffi-baker)

Steffi is a financial educator and mentor, focused on helping affluent, high net worth individuals (HNWI) and family office women improve their knowledge of investing and wealth management.

Women tend to invest significantly less than men, creating a gender wealth gap even worse than the pay gap. Baker says the problem boils down to women "investing too little, too late, too safe." She believes this happens due to low confidence fueled by underlying lack of knowledge of asset classes and how the "business of wealth" works. Baker's work with her clients revolves around the "4 Pillars of Female Wealth" model she created based upon her 12 years' experience with the ultra-wealthy around the world. The 4 Pillars, which include Identity, Knowledge, Advisors and Network, provide women a comprehensive, unique and effective way of investing, managing and preserving wealth.

High Net Worth Women Institute participants gain a thorough grounding in asset classes, investing principles, behavioral finance, how to choose the right advisors, connect with peers and much more. Baker currently offers courses online and plans to hold live events beginning June, 2021 in the Salt Lake City/Park City areas. Visit for more information.

Outside of running her firm, Steffi figure-skates competitively, surfs and volunteers with animal rescue and military veteran charities. We believe she brings a sense of accessibility, transparency and inspiration to investing and wealth for women – which is so direly needed!

Belinda Furneaux-Harris (@belindafurneauxharris)

Belinda Furneaux-Harris is an award-winning Personal Branding Coach and former Fortune 500 Executive with an outstanding record of helping businesses build incredible brands. She has over 20 years international brand marketing experience working with some of the world's most iconic companies, and now she's on a mission to help smart female entrepreneurs build amazing brands of their own.

Through her company, Branded & Unstoppable, Belinda provides a high-end service designed to teach you everything you need to know to make your brand a roaring success and get you from start-up to five-figures in six months. She will get to the heart of what makes you tick and sets you apart to ensure your brand is uniquely tailored to you. Then she will instruct you how to captivate customers, elevate your offerings, turn browsers into buyers, supercharge your sales and unlock the potential in your business.

Belinda earned a place on the Executive Management Programme at Harrods after university. Whilst there, she worked with world-famous brands such as Chanel, Gucci and Armani and immersed herself in understanding what it takes to build an iconic brand visually, verbally, and viscerally. She studied visual merchandising, marketing, sales, PR, design and branding and ended up being promoted to the Harrods Press Office.

This role acted as a fantastic spring-board for the next part of her career, which included seven years in Top 10 Marketing and PR Agencies in London and nine years as Head of Marketing Communications for FTSE 50 companies. Through her boutique consultancy she now helps go-getting entrepreneurs create the most brilliant brands through inspirational workshops, game-changing in-line programmes and personal mentoring sessions.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing female entrepreneurs. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Two Comma PR for taking the time to put this article together.

Disclaimer: The information written in this piece was sought from the individuals, and to the best of Two Comma PR’s knowledge, the representation of these entrepreneurs is true.

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