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These Top-Rated Bose Headphones Are at Their Lowest Price Yet on Amazon

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I don't know who needs to hear this, but just because you're going back into the office doesn't mean you'll no longer need a really good pair of noise-canceling headphones. If anything, they'll become even more invaluable when you're surrounded by constantly office chatter (let's be real, that mute button did come in handy).

If you're looking to upgrade your cubicle for less, Amazon's taking £59 off of Bose's SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II. In case you didn't get the memo, Bose is the gold standard of headphones and speakers. And—with a near-perfect rating based on over 24,000 positive reviews and an "Amazon's Choice" badge on the site—it's safe to say this pair doesn't disappoint.

Not only does this pair have clear, crisp sound, but it also boasts top-of-the-line Bluetooth technology that makes it possible to switch between two devices. It also has an impressive, 15-hour battery life, so they'll last during your 9-to-5 grind. Oh, and did I mention this pair has a comfortable headband and plush ear cushions? As someone who is wearing this pair right now, I can confidently say it lives up to the hype.

While Bose's SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II costs £140.83, Amazon's shaving £59 off the asking price. At £140.83, this pair is the cheapest it's ever been as you save 30 per cent. Need I say more?

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