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TORG – A Hugely Successful Cryptocurrency Starts Building Its Institutional Capacity

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World’s first utilimeme gets ready for global expansion

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, September 02, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TORG Foundation, the force behind the launch of world’s first utilimeme based cryptocurrency TORG has announced that it will now be focussing its efforts towards the development of this revolutionary cryptocurrencies’ institutional capacity. This includes but not limited to making integrations and collaborations with global payment aggregators, investing in digital banks and other financial institutions, partnering with trading exchanges from around the world, listening to the concerns of users and investors and solving their problems and queries if any, and most importantly, more persistently pursuing the wider mission of enabling futuristic financial technology in the service of mankind.

TORG Foundation’s approach and vision for the future is very clear. The foundation believes that it needs to build on the momentum that TORG has successfully generated since its listing on Uniswap in July. With the unprecedented speed with which TORG has been listed on multiple crypto exchanges and the overwhelming response that it has received from the global crypto community including both amateurs and seasoned investors, the foundation is confident that TORG would not only meet, but exceed everyone’s expectations.

The TORG’s listing on popular crypto trading exchanges like Uniswap, BitMart, WhiteBit,, Bibox and DigiFinex, etc. has attracted both traders and investors alike, and the volume of trade is evermore increasing. The cryptocurrency has recently got another feather in its cap by way of its successful and seamless integration with CoinPayments which is a pioneer and world leader in global altcoin payment systems. Now TORG can be used for payments for goods and services across over 200 countries and through over 70,000 merchants.

The company takes immense pleasure and pride in successfully facilitating the TORG’s integration with the world’s first and leading altcoin payment system, CoinPayments. This will act as a catalyst in unleashing the full potential of TORG as the world’s first utilimeme. The company expects quick and continuous mass adoption of TORG by the global crypto users, as TORG can now be used as a mode of payment for virtually all kinds of goods and services.

The TORG Foundation monitors and manages the direction of TORG’s development and strives to keep it aligned with its mission of serving mankind through economic upliftment and sustainability driven initiatives and activities. With the sharp focus on sustainability, new-age technology and holistic human development, the foundation has identified the need to grow its institutional capacity for thought leadership, transparent management, and global engagement. Thereby, it plans to soon hire top experts, leaders and mentors from diverse backgrounds to its decision-making board.

The company believes that with TORG growing at an unprecedented pace and the traders and investors showing more interest in it, now is the opportune time to build its institutional capacity in order to further and faster drive the TORG’s mission of facilitating human development with the help of technology and innovation. While the company continues to foster new collaborations and partnerships, it is simultaneously looking to hire the best brains in the market to strengthen its Board of Directors. For TORG, it is just the start of a long and successful journey ahead.

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The TORG Foundation aims to create, monitor and maintain the long-term sustainability of TORG for its users by investing in the infrastructure for expanding utilimeme’s global reach, relevance and use cases. The foundation continually strives to find ways to promote TORG and make it a popular mode of payment. It views sustainability from the perspective of both the developed and the developing worlds with the aim of helping TORG become a globally acceptable cryptocurrency.

Disclaimer: The information available on this article is for educational purposes only and not an offer, solicitation of an offer, or advice to buy or sell securities, investment or tax advice. Purchasing cryptocurrencies comes with a number of risks. All Forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties which may cause actual results to differ materially from the statements made here. The data and non-TORG names are for informational and identification purposes only. TORG is not being offered or distributed to any resident of or any person located or domiciled where such offering/distribution is prohibited, restricted, or unauthorized in any form or manner whether in full or in part under the laws, regulatory requirements, or rules in such jurisdiction.

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