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Train & Gain With Your SQUAD Community in Our Instagram Live Coaching Sessions

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Photo credit: @mattmelling_
Photo credit: @mattmelling_

If there is one thing that we have all learned during the depths of the various lockdowns, of fitness facilities being shuttered and social contact policed, is that working out with other people is fun.

Sure, we did our best at home, blasting out bodyweight sessions in the living room and dusting off the dumbbells for an AMRAP or two on the patio. But the push that training in a group of people with the same goal simply wasn't there. There was nobody to hype you up before a big lift, or to support you through that final set of grief-burpees. There was always something missing. Dare we say it, there was no 'vibe'.

Consider the SQUAD your new community of training buddies. Every Wednesday, our collective of MH Elite coaches and trainers will be hosting live workouts, Q&As and movement demonstrations on the Men's Health SQUAD Instagram. All you have to do is tune in and you can throw down, join the conversation and feedback to your fellow members and our experts in real time, wherever you are.

Available to full-access members, tuning in is simple: just click on our logo when it appears above your main grid, surrounded by a fancy, multi-coloured circle (and the word 'LIVE' on it...). We post countdown clocks to our Stories in the morning, which will let you set an automatic reminder so you don't miss out.

But if you do happen to miss it when it's live, because of any of the multitude of valid reasons that life presents, all our sessions go in our IGTV section shortly after they end. There is already a comprehensive library of workouts, Q&As and demos in there to support your training. So get stuck in.

Not yet a full-access member? No worries. Head to our membership subscription area to upgrade and receive tuition and knowledge from our MH Elite coaching team direct to your device.

Join us every Wednesday. We've got you.

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