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Trend watch: why compact compost boxes and wormeries are must-haves for small gardens

·2-min read
<p>Urbalive worm composter units cost from £135, at</p> (Wiggly Wigglers)

Urbalive worm composter units cost from £135, at

(Wiggly Wigglers)

Where are you going with that leftover food?

Food waste bins are so 2019. I’m taking it to my compost heap.

Are you getting intimate with the local foxes and rats, then?

That putrid stench isn’t coming from my garden... There’s a new gen of compact compost boxes that mean even space-starved Londoners can enjoy guilt-free disposal of their veg peelings as well as soil richer than Jeff Bezos.

Hardly the sexiest trend?

You’d be surprised. Throughout the lockdowns celebs have been hot-boxing their rubbish but, ever the goodest good guy, former 007 Pierce Brosnan’s Malibu mansion outdoes them all with a solar-powered rotating compost heap.

So, he takes his compost shaken, not stirred. Who else is in the rotten apple club?

Comedian Joe Lycett, formerly known as Hugo Boss, is just one urban gardener filling our social feeds with composting and gardening tips. Give those stories a watch for the sweet pea how-tos and tulip updates alone.

How can I get in on the act?

The Hotbin won an RHS Chelsea garden product of the year award pre-Covid pandemic, and there’s a new mini version for small spaces (one to two-person households), which costs £165.

Composting sounds too mainstream for me

Build a wormery then. Worms not earthworms, rather composting tiger worms live inside a container and break down food waste such as egg shells, vegetable peelings, tea bags and coffee grounds. Perfect for anyone grappling with a (more) serious coffee habit post-lockdowns.

Tell me more!

Eco-gardeners ask all the hard-hitting questions. Top Google search results include: "Do wormeries smell?", "Will the worms escape", and the surprisingly high-ranking "What’s worm poop called?" All research rabbit holes very much worth falling down.