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Trisha Paytas is one of the most controversial online personalities. Here's what the YouTuber is up to now.

Trisha Paytas on "Celebrity Big Brother"
Trisha Paytas on "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2016.Karwai Tang
  • YouTuber Trisha Paytas, 35, is one of the most controversial online personalities.

  • They currently host "Just Trish," a podcast in which they speak their mind about online drama.

  • Their daughter, Malibu Barbie, recently turned 1. She frequently features in Paytas' content.

YouTube star Trisha Paytas, 35, became one of the internet's most famous personalities throughout the 2010s. Since they created their YouTube channel, called blndsundoll4mj, in 2007, they have grown a following of 5 million people.

In recent years, Paytas has garnered fewer headlines, but continues to post on social media and maintains a loyal audience.


Since July 20, Paytas has been hosting their solo podcast, "Just Trish," in which they share their unfiltered take on the latest online drama.

Paytas uploads episodes to their YouTube channel, "Just Trish Podcast," which has over 300,000 subscribers. Previously, Paytas used the channel to upload episodes of her podcast "The Dish With Trish," which they canceled in August 2020.

Since uploading the first episode of the series in July, Paytas has addressed several of their own feuds, and the scandals of other influencers.

In one episode, they spoke to YouTuber Tana Mongeau about her controversies. Another featured Holly Madison, a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, about her experience.

Since mid-2023, Paytas has also been embroiled in the controversy surrounding  YouTuber Colleen Ballinger.

In May, Paytas and Ballinger announced that they were starting a podcast titled "Oversharing with Colleen Ballinger & Trisha Paytas."

However, in July, they announced that the podcast would end after only three episodes following accusations resurfaced that Ballinger had "groomed" underage fans by sending them OnlyFans photos of herself. (Ballinger denied the accusations in a YouTube video in the form of a song.)

Paytas has also been posting on social media about their personal life.

On September 14, Paytas' daughter, Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon, whom they share with their husband Moses Hacmon, turned 1 year old. Paytas celebrated the event in an Instagram post.


They regularly feature their daughter on their YouTube family vlog channel, where they have over 1.43 million followers.

Paytas has over 885,000 followers on their Instagram account, @trishapaytasbackup, where they mostly post images of their family and their podcast guests.

They also post family vlog content and previews of their podcast guests on their TikTok account, @trishlikefish88, where they have over 8.5 million followers and 811.9 million likes on their videos.


Over the years, Paytas has been involved in a huge number of public disputes. Some of their most notable feuds include those with H3H3's Ethan Klein, beauty guru Nikita Dragun, Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, David Dobrik, and Charli D'Amelio.

Paytas' complex history with their identity has also sparked conversation and criticism.

In 2020, Paytas became embroiled in a feud with mental health advocates after they posted a video claiming to have dissociative identity disorder (DID), which many people felt stigmatized the condition. In 2019, Paytas came out as a transgender man in a since-deleted video that attracted backlash given they had previously claimed to identify as a "chicken nugget." Viewers accused Paytas of mocking the transgender community.

The YouTuber later announced they are non-binary. According to their TikTok account bio, they currently use she/her, and they/them pronouns.

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