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Twin pygmy marmoset monkeys ‘the size of ping pong balls’ born in Chester zoo

Luke O'Reilly
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<p>Pygmy marmosets are among the smallest species of monkey in the world</p> (Chester Zoo)

Pygmy marmosets are among the smallest species of monkey in the world

(Chester Zoo)

Tiny twin pygmy marmoset monkeys have been born in Chester Zoo.

The pair - described as "the size of ping pong balls” - are so small that their genders will not be known for some time, zookeepers have said.

The twins are just two inches in length and weigh 10 grams.

Pygmy marmosets, native to the western Amazon Basin in South America, are some of the world’s smallest monkeys.

Chester Zoo wrote on Twitter that the monkeys were causing a "cuteness overload" among the staff.

"Some of the world’s SMALLEST monkeys have been born… and they’re twins", the zoo tweeted

"The tiny pygmy marmosets measure just two inches and weigh only 10 grams.

"These guys are giving us a cuteness overload."

The zoo discovered the twins after they were seen clinging onto their mum and dad.

Chester Zoo added that keepers say the pair are "bright, alert, and doing really well!"

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