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Twitter rolls out new feature to edit tweets

Twitter rolls out new feature to edit tweets

Twitter has announced it is rolling out its “Edit Tweet” feature for users in Canada, Australia and New Zealand after it found tests for the new tool “went well”.

Last week, the microblogging platform showed what the feature looked like by posting the first edited tweet with a pencil icon underneath a post showing the “Last Edited” time and date stamp next to it.

Users can also view the version history for every edited Tweet so they know what has changed, the company noted.

Twitter’s support document notes users would have up to 30 minutes to make changes to tweets and can make only up to five edits.

The new tool, which has been the company’s most requested feature, is now rolling out to Twitter Blue members in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

These are subscribers of the company’s $4.99 premium platform which provides them access to its latest features, including the ability to bookmark folders, undo tweets and more.

The feature is expected to be rolled out in the US “soon”, according to the social media giant.

With this new tool, users can add, delete or correct the text or rearrange and tag media to tweets within the 30-minute window.

“Everyone on Twitter can see the edited label on a Tweet that’s been updated, and everyone can click into the edited Tweet to see any previous published versions,” the company noted.

This label, the social media company said, was essential as post history helps “protect the integrity of the conversation and create a publicly accessible record of what was said”.

“While we test and debug the Edit Tweet experience, only Twitter Blue subscribers in select countries can edit their Tweets, but they’ll be seen by everyone on Twitter. Because of Edit Tweet’s limited availability, using this feature could reveal which country you’re in, and that you subscribe to Twitter Blue,” Twitter wrote in the support document.

Some types of tweets, such as replies, threads, retweets and pinned tweets cannot be edited, the company explained.