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UGN Wows Crypto Investors with Its Avant-garde Investing Mechanism

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LONDON, Aug. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- United Global Network (UGN) is targeting the global crypto assets market in 2021. It has improved on its current arsenal with avant-garde investing mechanism and looks set for a higher market share ratio in the fast growing crypto arena in the coming years.

According to internal sources from UGN, the last 2 years were spent focusing on massive capital accumulation and intensive technological research development. The hard work has paid off and it is receiving increasing support from various international financial consortia as well as finance professionals. With the acclaims received, UGN is now well-equipped to step out of the European Region and venture globally, with the Asia Pacific Region its priority.

United Global Network Limited (UGN), registered in July 2016, is a company specializing in crypto digital currency trading, consulting and asset management. It also specializes in blockchain and decentralized technology-related businesses and has more than 20 years of financial technology experience. UGN looks to use its experience and knowledge in the field of blockchain and crypto digital currency to create a high-yield, low-risk, safe and controllable, win-win digital investment and wealth management platform for all its investors.

The reason why UGN is getting so much attention and positive reviews from crypto investors in Europe is the fact that it possesses a unique investment philosophy and offers a "Portfolio Balancing Strategy" to manage crypto investment risks. As most crypto investors will testify, the crypto market is highly volatile and susceptible to high profits or huge losses. UGN's Portfolio Balancing Strategy however gives a diversified exposure to crypto and automatically rebalances based on real-time market conditions. With an integrated combinations of low to high risk activities with various frequencies for opportunities, the strategy gives investors the flexibility of capitalizing on different market situations.

As illustrated by the above picture, the "Portfolio Balancing Strategy" is made up of 3 core crypto financing elements, namely: "Crypto Trading", "Seed Finance" and "Crypto Staking". Since the key to the strategy lies in diversification and balancing, each element produces different level of frequency, risk and returns on investment. By combining the 3 elements, UGN is able to generate risk adjusted returns for its clients that outperforms the majority of traditional funds in the market.

UGN's "Crypto Trading" is the perfect combination of UGN AI Trading Technology and the Million Dollars Club Traders. The UGN AI trading bot was created in-house and can monitor market trends and accurately place orders 24 hours a day. The professional traders are rigorously selected and have wealth of trading experiences. They also belong to the Million Dollars Club, having accumulated more than one million U.S. dollars profits in the field of cryptocurrency trading.

The "Seed Finance" strategy is designed to snap up the initial tokens of high-quality ICOs, IDOs and IEOs. The key to this strategy lies in the performance of UGN's two core teams; the senior investigation team is responsible for in-depth knowledge of multiple projects, such as studying the ICO project management team and evaluating project white papers. The prerequisite team is responsible for managing exclusive first-hand resources, tens of thousands of pre-sale platform memberships, tens of thousands of complete KYC and crypto wallets, etc., so that the company can make large-scale purchases under limited circumstances.

"Crypto Staking" is a form of mortgage mining under the POS (Proof of Stake) mechanism, which is unique to the blockchain network using the POS mechanism. In POS or similar POS mechanisms, UGN earns cryptocurrency by collateralizing the crypto assets. The rate of return is calculated based on the currency, and the size of the rate of return depends on the inflation model of the crypto assets. UGN's current staking holdings include Ethereum 2, Binance Coin, Akash Network, Raydium, Decentral Games and Filecoin.

As a result of UGN's innovative approach, it has gained a large number of followers around Europe and is currently regarded as one of the leading crypto investment firm in the market of crypto assets management. With an anticipated strong market performance for the industry in 2021, UGN's management states that UGN will continue to innovate and will satisfy not only the clients' need for crypto asset management, but also continuing in its pursuit to be a global leader in the crypto assets management industry. In the new era of Crypto Finance, UGN looks to be the benchmark for other aspiring crypto investment firm to follow!

Media Contact

Company Name: United Global Network Limited

Contact Person: Jessica Koo


Tele: +852 5485 7744


SOURCE: United Global Network Limited

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