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UK banks Brits love the most: from Metro to Royal Bank of Scotland, these are the rankings

Metro Bank on Tottenham Court Road, London. Photo: Nick Ansell/PA Images

Metro Bank has taken the top spot in an industry-wide survey of customer satisfaction, while the Royal Bank of Scotland has been placed at the bottom.

Despite a rough couple of months, Metro has managed to overtake First Direct to claim first place in the ratings, which are published every six months by the Competition and Markets Authority.

Over 1,000 customers from 16 banks were surveyed by the CMA for its bi-annual ranking.

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About 83% of Metro customers said they would recommend the bank to friends and family, compared with 82% of First Direct customers. However, First Direct held the top position for customer satisfaction with overdraft services, and online and mobile banking. Metro came second and third in these categories respectively, but won in service in branches and overall quality of service.

Nationwide maintained its third place position with a 72% approval rating, and Coventry Building Society came in forth with 70%. Yorkshire Bank and Barclays drew for fifth with 64%.

On the other end of the scale, Royal Bank of Scotland came in last with less than half (47%) of its customers saying they were satisfied. The bank, however, posted a £1.6bn profit on Friday which will let Treasury reap £977m in dividends.

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RBS customers said they were particularly disappointed by the service they received in branches, for which it came last. They also ranked the bank second to last in overdraft services – ahead of only Clydesdale Bank, which came in second to last overall with just 51% approval, while the Co-op Bank and TSB received joint third worst with 52% each.

TSB suffered a major IT failure that led chief executive Paul Pester to step down in September 2018.

A Metro Bank spokesman told the BBC: “Our offering is simple. We believe in providing the very best in service and convenience for both consumers and businesses, and this latest set of results speaks for itself.”