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Keep cool and carry on: UK heatwave leads to surge in sales of air coolers

Businessman using hand fan in office
Thursday was Britain’s second-hottest day on record. Photo: Getty

Brits have stripped shops such as Asda and Tesco of fans as the UK’s heatwave reached record-high temperatures on Thursday

Thursday was Britain’s second-hottest day on record and hottest day ever in July, with temperatures reaching 38.1C in Cambridge — falling just short of the country’s all-time high of 38.5C.

As a result, Brits have resorted to panic-buying electric fans, paddling pools for both humans and pets, and facial water mist sprays.

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Amazon said sales of of its Bionaire Mini Tower Fan and Igenix Pedestal Fan have both risen by over 250% as Brits struggle with the sweltering heat.

Meanwhile, Currys PC World said fan sales are up 200%. John Lewis reported an increase of 120% — at one point selling six fans every minute.

Sales of fans have increased by 591% compared to last week at online store

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On top of this, shoppers on social media bemoaned supermarket shelves being cleared.

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On top of fans, Amazon said facial water sprays, like its Magicool Hot Weather Cooling Spray, have seen sales rise by over 700% week-on-week.

Paddling pools are also flying off of Amazon’s shelves. Sales of the Bestway Ocean Life kids Paddling Pool, the Bestway Family Pool, and the Intex Dinoland Play Centre are up 200% since last week.

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But it’s not just humans that are feeling the heat — sales of pet paddling pools such as the Foldable Pool For Pets have risen by over 300% week-on-week.

Social media users reported that pet cooling mats and shaded sun loungers are out of stock at discount stores such as Aldi and B&M, as well as Pets at Home.

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