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Upbeat broker recommendations for Infineon Technologies Ag

Ben Hobson
·1-min read

The Infineon Technologies Ag (ETR:IFX) share price has risen by 28.6% over the past month and it’s currently trading at 17.232. For investors considering whether to buy, hold or sell the stock, the question now is whether this price run will continue.

According to the company’s analysts, there are certainly reasons to think it will continue to perform well in the year ahead. In terms of trading recommendations, Infineon Technologies Ag currently has:

  • 9 Buy recommendations

  • 10 Hold recommendations

  • 1 Sell recommendations

This suggests that analysts are generally positive about the outlook.

At its current price of 17.232, shares in Infineon Technologies Ag are trading at a discount of -24.5% to its 52 week high price. The 1-year performance of the shares has been -17.2%.

While analyst forecasts can be a useful guide to what City 'experts' think about a stock's near term future, they can be unreliable. To get a better idea about the strengths and weaknesses of Infineon Technologies Ag it's worth doing some investigation yourself.

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