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Uri Geller applies for job with Boris Johnson's government after Dominic Cummings appeals for 'weirdos'

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
Uri Geller is famous for bending spoons with his alleged psychic powers. (AP)

Uri Geller has applied for a job with Boris Johnson’s government, claiming he has always had a secret career in espionage.

The 72-year-old Israeli-born spoon bender has written to Downing Street offering his psychic powers in response to a blog post by the prime minister’s senior adviser Dominic Cummings appealing for “talented weirdos” to apply to work for him.

Geller’s representative confirmed the reports and provided Yahoo UK with a copy of Geller’s application and CV.

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The illusionist and magician writes: “You say you want someone on the ‘frontiers of the science of prediction’? Well look no further. I have genuine psychic powers – just ask Mossad, the CIA and the Pentagon.

“My career as an entertainer has been the perfect mask for my work in espionage. While many have doubted my abilities, my achievements cannot be dismissed as trickery or illusions.”

Uri Geller says he helped Boris Johnson win the General Election by giving him 'a spoon energised with mind positivity'. (AP)

Geller claims to have assisted with Operation Desert Storm, located secret tunnels in North Korea, and erased “crucial diplomatic discs on their way to Moscow.”

He also takes credit for securing the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia by “bombarding their chief negotiator with positive thought waves.”

Geller claims he could have been useful in Brexit negotiations, writing: “Perhaps you could have used my abilities in your dealings with Michel Barnier.”

The self-proclaimed psychic has already claimed he is responsible for Johnson winning the general election, having used his powers of the mind on the UK public to sway their votes.

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Geller said: “I helped to influence December 12’s General Election result by giving Mr Johnson a spoon energised with mind positivity.”

Geller’s spoon-bending powers have been endorsed by prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

A 2013 BBC documentary claimed Geller had worked as a “psychic spy” for the CIA, was recruited by Mossad, and was an “official secret agent” in Mexico.