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US canned food packaging market to decline by 3% through to 2017

Volumes within the US canned food packaging market remained flat in 2012, remaining at 15.6 billion units.

After growing by 1% in retail volume sales in 2009, during the height of the recession, canned food sales flattened out in 2012.

While offering the advantages of low prices and long shelf life, canned food suffers from a poor image in terms of taste quality and overall healthiness. As the US economy is showing signs of a slow recovery, Americans are gradually trading back up to more expensive alternatives, such as fresh meat.

According to the latest market report, 'Canned/Preserved Food Packaging in the US,' in 2012, metal food cans continued to decline in canned food, with packaging unit volumes dropping by over 1%. With the exception of canned vegetables, which are the largest single category of metal food cans in canned food, most of the canned food categories recorded positive growth.

Canned meat and meat products packaging continued to see positive growth in 2012, growing by 2% and reaching 1.0 billion units. Growth of canned meat accelerated during the recession, when many Americans were searching for a cheap protein alternative to chilled/frozen meat. Canned meat is also good for bulk purchases, as it has a very long shelf life and can provide a source of protein during power outages, for example.

Manufacturers of canned fish/seafood are developing new products with new packaging in the hope of sustaining sales and driving growth. In May 2012 Chicken of the Sea introduced No Drain Tuna with an easy-to-open, peel-back lid for its 4oz (114g) cans. Similar products have had great success outside the US.

One of the four varieties is Solid Light Thai Chili Tuna. This Thai chilli tuna flavour follows Starkist Co's September 2011 roll-out of the Latin-inspired Autentico tuna line, with flavours such as Chunk Light Tuna in Oil, with peppers, jalapenos or vegetables.

Over the next few years canned food packaging is likely to perform poorly, with retail unit sales predicted to decline by 3% through to 2017. Americans will begin to feel more comfortable about spending money on value-added grocery items as the US economy recovers.

For more information on the US canned food packaging market, see the latest research: Canned Food Market Reasearch

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