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Wages are rising at the fastest rate in a decade despite Brexit uncertainty

Tom Belger
Finance and policy reporter
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    Minimum wage £8.22 average house rent £550 PM average council tax £120 PM average water rates £35 PM. Average electric and gas £40-60 PM average food bill £300 PM so if u are single it's not worth u going to work for 40hours per week and u are just surviving if there are 2 of yous on minimum wage . Who has had a decent pay rise not the working class
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    No... Average wages are going up because top paid fatcats are paying themselves more..... If Richard Branson pays himself 1billion more a year apparently the average wage goes up..... There's a massive difference
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    Typical brexit vote and not leaving is producing a booming jobs market , how does that make the pre ref predictions look now . We were told the wheels would fall off the economy , not produce more employment records month after month .
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    Mike H
    Political nonsense, like averages! Who gets paid the average? There are still lecturers in Colleges and universities striking to try and get 1.5%, schools were not funded for teachers small pay increase so schools had to find the money or not pay more, many people in public services struggle to get 1.5%. Also too many 'pay deals' means increases in pay do not count towards pensions, employer payments to pensions increase and council tax and energy prices rises have already swallowed up any increases that might have been paid.
    So all the average tells us is that many higher paid people are getting 4-10% more; this is what is pushing up the average.
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    What a lot of bs
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    Minimum wage went up 4.4% last year and 4.9% this year. This affects millions of workers and will obviously affect the average pay adversely. Take in to account the huge increase in self-employment ( not subject to minimum pay) and the picture changes drastically.
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    the clever ones among us already knew this would happen .wages will rise even more when the people brought here to suppress wages are gone
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    What is new? All knew that if immigration was controlled less applicants are available to work at a lower price. Politicians applauded the uncontrolled because the buying power stopped recessive tendencies it did nothing for salaries. By default and not immigration control there are many leaving this opens up jobs available at higher salaries. There is nothing startling about this and proper immigration and training will improve the system even more
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    Wages rising? Get Corbin in, he'll soon fix that!!!
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