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Watch the most outrageous moments from FBI agent Peter Strzok's congressional hearing

Kevin Breuninger

FBI agent Peter Strzok testified before House committees on Capitol Hill Thursday to defend himself against accusations of bias that surfaced when his anti-Trump text messages were publicly revealed.

That hearing, which followed an 11-hour, closed-door interview he gave to the same committees in June, was marked by disputes over procedural rules and eruptions of frustration from lawmakers of both parties.

Here are five of the most incendiary moments from the hearing:

‘Are we just going to make up rules as we go along?’

Shortly after Strzok and the committee leaders gave opening statements, the hearing sputtered to a halt, as Republicans and Democrats disagreed with increasing volume on rules and procedure.

Gowdy tells Strzok: ‘I don't give a damn what you appreciate’

After Strzok accused Gowdy of misrepresenting his testimony, saying he didn’t “appreciate” Gowdy’s language, the Oversight chairman replied, "I don't give a damn what you appreciate."

Rep. Cicilline sets a deadline to release private Strzok transcript, over Republicans' objections

Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., said he planned to release the private transcript from the previous closed-door interview between Strzok and the committee members by 5 p.m. ET unless Republicans can cite a rule explaining why he can’t. A spokesman for Cicilline later told CNBC that his office would not be releasing the transcript to the public at 5 p.m., but rather would be sending it to the Justice Department to receive any necessary redactions before a public disclosure.

Strzok frustrates Rep. Jordan

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, loses patience with Strzok after the FBI agent says he has been advised by his agency not to answer a question related to an ongoing investigation. Judiciary Committee ranking Democrat Jerry Nadler accused the majority of “sabotaging an ongoing investigation.”

Rep. Gohmert accuses Strzok of lying under oath, attacks his marriage

The Texas Republican’s invocation of Strzok’s marriage was an especially sensitive area, as Strzok has admitted having an extramarital affair with Lisa Page.