Watch out for the ASDA Facebook voucher scam

The offers seems too good to be true - and it is

You may well have seen one of your friends posting a link on Facebook to get a free £500 voucher from ASDA.

The offer seems too good to be true –and of course it is. The scam is currently sweeping through Facebook, as people desperately hope that the generous offer turns out to be real.

Alas, free shopping vouchers have not been offered by ASDA – and the link is nothing to do with the supermarket.

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If you click on the link you will be encouraged to share the same status update that with your friends. It is claimed that after you share it, you will be able to claim your free voucher.
After clicking on the link, you see this screen

But this is where the scam begins. You will actually be directed to a page that asks you to fill in your details. Again the page has all the ASDA branding, so it is easy to believe it is real.

The scammers earn money from affiliates if you fill in your details - and will often sign you up to premium rate phone number subscription services, according to computer security expert Graham Cluley.

A hefty phone bill in the New Year, as well as your personal details ending up in the hands of con men is a Christmas present most of us can do without. Don't fall for it.

If you see an offer that seems too good to be true, you should always question it. From a well-known company it is worth checking their website - or even their official Facebook page. In this instance, you will see that ASDA has posted a warning that tells people not to click on the offer, confirming that it is not real.

You can report internet crime and fraud to Action Fraud.

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