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Watch: We visit Great Barr in Birmingham & discover why its so popular with locals

Scott Arms in Great Barr, Birmingham
Scott Arms in Great Barr, Birmingham

Birmingham - England’s second biggest metropolis - is on a steep growth trajectory, and areas within the city are increasingly becoming attractive living destinations. Today, I delve into Great Barr, shedding light on its history, its compelling features, and engaging with locals to discover what makes it unique.

Situated in the northern part of Birmingham, Great Barr is one of the city’s up-and-coming areas - having appeared twice in the 2021 census as having areas where the proportion of deprived households fell the most over the past decade. This includes Old Oscott which saw a drop from 38.8% to 28.8% and Perry Beeches West which saw the figure drop to 40.5% from 49.6%.

Great Barr proudly stands on a history dating back to at least 957 AD where it was recorded as “Baerr” in a charter meaning “hill top”. Historically, stately homes and farmlands dominated this district, with Great Barr Hall serving as focal points of the local community. The Red House, located on Red House Park, is a grade II listed building that holds historical significance dating back to 1841.

Red House in Great Barr, Birmingham
Red House in Great Barr, Birmingham

Great Barr also boasts several green spaces, including Red House Park and Queslett Nature Reserve, offering rare opportunities to connect with nature within the city’s borders. These green spaces are beloved attractions for families and nature lovers, with Queslett nature reserve acting as a sanctuary for wildlife in the region.

Great Barr’s convenience is key to its attractiveness, with pivotal transport links. It has direct conduits to major roads like the A34 and M6 that ensures seamless connectivity between Great Barr and the city centre, and has access to the Birmingham - Walsall railway line by Hamstead railway station.

Currently, the average property price in Great Barr sits around £240,000 according to Rightmove, making it relatively affordable in comparison to other Birmingham areas.

Great Barr is an often overlooked part of Birmingham, but with its green spaces and historical landmarks, coupled with urban amenities, it’s no wonder that it is an area attractive to so many. All in all, Great Barr’s community ethos, historical sites, parkland allure, and modern conveniences secure its spot as a magnetic district within Birmingham.

Red House Park in Great Barr, Birmingham
Red House Park in Great Barr, Birmingham
Casa De Burrito, Perico and Burger Boi in Great Barr, Birmingham
Casa De Burrito, Perico and Burger Boi in Great Barr, Birmingham