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Watching all the biggest TV shows of 2020 will cost you £456

Brits spend £1bn per year on Netflix. Photo:

The biggest TV releases of 2020 could cost you over £450 in payments and subscriptions to various streaming services, research has found.

Ocean Finance analysed all the top streaming services – Netflix, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Now TV and Britbox – to calculate the cost of pop culture in 2020.

It found the cost of 38 of the most-anticipated shows of 2020, including new seasons of American Horror Story, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead, comes to a massive £456.23 – that’s without free trials or bundle deals.

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Meanwhile, the an annual subscription to all streaming services will cost you a whopping £579.13.

The research found Amazon Prime TV is four times better value than Netflix, giving you the most content for your cash. Based on its 16,669 available programmes and cost of £7.99 a month, you can see a huge 211 movies or TV shows per £1 with an annual subscription.

Meanwhile, based on its 5,572 available shows and a subscription cost of £8.99 per month, you can only watch 52 shows or films per £1 on Netflix – less than a quarter than on Amazon Prime TV.

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Amazon Prime TV is also better for “bingeing” because of its colossal amount of content. You can watch 1,446 hours of TV or movies for £1 with Amazon, which is double Netflix’s offering of 702 hours.

And Now TV is even further behind, delivering just 608 hours of content per £1, the analysis found.

However, with 13.4 million subscribers, the UK spends the most on BBC iPlayer, at a massive £2bn per year. It might be free to use but you’ll need to pay £154.50 for a mandatory TV licence, no matter what you want to watch.

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Brits spend half this amount on Netflix, at £1bn per year, and even less on Amazon, which costs the UK £600m annually.

Anastasia Letsos at Ocean Finance said: “It’s tempting to sign up to the top streaming services when they offer such great content. However, our research shows that a subscription to the top seven streaming services would set you back £650, so you may want to plan which shows to budget for.

“Our findings show that the most cost-effective service is Amazon Prime TV which offers 211 shows, or 1,446 hours of content per £1 spent. However, Netflix has the most-anticipated shows of 2020 – 29% – verses Amazon, which boasts 21% of the must-see shows of 2020.

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“If it’s original content you’re looking for then head to Disney, which spends £18.6bn on their new releases.”