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What Wedding Gift You Should Buy, Based on Your Betrothed Bestie's Zodiac Sign

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wedding gift ideas zodiac sign
wedding gift ideas zodiac sign

Jasmine Purdie, HelloGiggles

Choosing the right wedding gift can be super stressful and very hard to find. It can take weeks or even months to find presents that our friends and family members will adore. Although checking their registry can help, nothing is more telling than purchasing a gift, based on their zodiac signs.

Choosing this method instead of traditional ones is the best way to understand what they like on a personal level. For instance, the Aries' betrothed bestie will want a gift that activates their fiery side, while a Gemini may like a fun activity that allows them to chitchat with their significant other.

Astrology can help us find the perfect gift. Our sun signs dictate more than our personality, it shows the flavor and inclinations that we desire and want. Therefore, it's an essential part of gift-giving—especially for weddings. That's why, as the resident astrologer, I provided a list of wedding gifts to consider when purchasing a present that your betrothed bestie will love.


Aries like to spark up the fire at home and in the kitchen. Cooking will fire up their innate desires. All the more reason for them to receive the ultimate passionate present, which is a set of awesome stainless steel tools to grill under the hot sun in the summer.

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Earthy and artistic Taurus likes to create with their hands. This is why a bread pan is a great wedding gift because it will spark up their innate artistic, indulgent, and sensual emotions. Plus, they can literally break the bread with their partner every day and spend time baking together.

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Gemini likes to connect and talk with their partners, but sometimes, it's easier to do while teaming up on a sweet project together. An ice cream maker is an ideal present for them, as it'll create memories and allow them to have a good old time chatting while getting closer to one another.

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There is nothing more comforting than sharing an intimate conversation with someone you care about. This is why emotionally sensitive Cancer will like to get the gift of an electric teapot to help create intimacy between two newlyweds with the hopes that they share goodness between themselves throughout their marriage.

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A Leo likes to have a good time. The perfect gift they could ever get is something that allows them to show off their innate fun and ferocious nature. A record player is cool enough to suit their trendy nature. Also, it will allow others to have immense joy and pleasure.

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Virgos have a reputation for liking pristine and clean spaces. So, it should be no surprise that they will opt to get an automated vacuum cleaner from their friends or family members as a wedding present. Not only will it be useful to the couple, but it'll represent Virgo's nature.

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Libras are drawn to the finer things in life, which includes an aromatherapy diffuser for their home. This present will not only spruce up the dwelling of the lucky recipients but add charm and beauty to their abode while cleansing their minds. Therefore, it is a great gift for Libra.

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Scorpios are fiercely protective of their personal lives and friends. Therefore, they will get a present that will ensure the safety of those they care about. A security system that has a video and app accessible doorbell is the ideal present for the water sign who's vigilant for their family.

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We all know that Sag's have an exotic palette due to their global travels and wisdom. All the more reason why they would like to get a flavorful present on their wedding day. It will add spice and dazzle to the marriage of their favorite couple.

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Capricorns can be a bit formal at times, which is why they'll ask for practical presents like a set of wine glasses. They know that this will be used for evenings in or when company comes over, which makes it a present that has both a purpose and is useful to others.

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As air signs, Aquarians like to receive presents that allow others to evoke a playful energy. A nice outdoor dining set for everyone to enjoy is the perfect gift for the water-beater. Take pictures to show appreciation to your Aquarius bestie for the gift.

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Pisces are known to be the dreamers of the zodiac, which is why they'll opt to receive a present that allows their friends or family members to have a sweet slumber. Sheets with a fine cotton count in cool colors (that match the couple's aesthetic) will be the perfect gift.

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