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Your Weekly Horoscope, September 20th to September 26th: A Flood of Anxious Vibes Are Heading Your Way

Lisa Stardust
·4-min read

Getty Images

For this weekly horoscope, never underestimate the power of communication, when Mercury, which is in Libra, squares off with Pluto, which is retrograde in Capricorn, on September 21st.

The following day, on September 22nd, the autumn equinox and Libra season begin. Balance and logic will now lead your life. The same day, Mercury connects with the Nodes of Destiny, which means that you'll make fated connections. Mercury and Saturn, which is retrograde in Capricorn, share a fraught vibe on the 23rd, followed by Mercury’s opposition with Mars, which is retrograde in Aries, on the 24th. Words can hurt during this time. Choose them wisely and mean what you say when you say it—but only with kindness.

Scroll below to read your weekly horoscope. Make sure to look at your rising sign, too.


Your love life's on the rocks, but that doesn’t mean that you should throw in the towel. A happy ending is in sight if you speak honestly from the heart. Be romantic, poetic, and courageous with your words. As you know, it takes two to make a thing go right.


A few of your secrets may be coming out of the dark, which means you can either own them or deflect the information. Before you choose the latter suggestion, know that you can spin the story if you admit to your clandestine behavior. That is real damage control.


Your squad isn’t keen on your latest crush, but that shouldn’t be a reason to not date them. The issue is that your friends are being overprotective because they care about you. But you need to experience things for yourself to decide how you feel about your boo.


Work is crazier than ever. Thinking of a vacation seems impossible right now, which is why you should plan a staycation over the weekend and during happy hours. Change up the feeling at home to set the perfect relaxing ambiance. It will do wonders for your personal vibe.


Who and what do you align with? Yes, that’s right. Your moment of truth has arrived. It’s important for you to take a stand now and rage against the ideology that you don’t agree with. When you speak up, you’re not only defending yourself but also those who cannot.


Watch out for power struggles with others. You may be a part of an emotional tug of war with members of your social circle and your intimate partnerships. Before arguing nonstop, take a step back from the situation to see matters clearly. You can make proper decisions about relationships then.


Sometimes you have to make rational decisions when it comes to love. This is not one of those weeks. In fact, you will find that the opposite is quite true now, as you are letting your passions and emotions steer your heart towards finding love and entering a romantic commitment.


You’re in desperate need of a daily reboot, Scorpio. Give yourself time to chill and revive your energy this week by resting and relaxing. Do not take on more projects than you can handle, as you may not have the energetic bandwidth required.


It’s time to assert your feelings amongst your peer group. Speaking up may be hard, but it is extremely important to have your voice and views heard. After discussing your emotions and thoughts, your crew will understand you on a deeper level. After all, they’ll see you more clearly now.


This week calls for you to strike a balance and find equal footing between work and the private sphere of your life. Creating structure and balance can be challenging. However, if you implement boundaries and structure into your vibe, then you’ll be able to do so without a hitch.


There is a lot of uncertainty circulating in your orbit at the moment, which is making you feel off-balance and unsure of the future. The answer to your cosmic quandary is that you have to look within yourself to gain clarity about your circumstances. Meditate on your dreams to find direction.


Don’t stress about the past. Stop thinking about and analyzing what would’ve, should’ve, and could’ve been. Allow yourself to live in the moment without hesitation and fear. Then, you can move forward in any direction you want and be present for new opportunities that come your way. Be here now.