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This month's top movie releases, reviewed

·4-min read

After an uncertain 2020, it feels like movie releases are (slowly) getting back on track with big new movies out at the cinema most weeks and also on streaming services like Netflix.

With more on offer now than any other time in the past year or so, it can be a lot to know what is actually worth spending your time and money on. So which one of the new releases should you choose to settle down to?

Here's our handy round-up of reviews for the biggest releases out now.

Films out September 1-30

Copshop (out now in cinemas)

Copshop might not exactly rewrite the rulebook, but it's aware enough of its tone to (mostly) hit the mark of what fans would want from it – and sometimes that's more than enough.

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (out now in cinemas)

Like Shang-Chi himself, the movie struggles with two halves of its identity: the desire to be a complete standalone story with an emotional pay-off, and the need to link (both thematically and literally) into the past and future of the MCU continuity. Unfortunately, the latter necessity does the film a disservice.

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Worth (out now on Netflix)

When Worth ends, it won't make you feel better about anything. In this way, it's more accurate than the other films whose codas all have some bad news to spell out, despite the triumphant feeling you're left with.

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Already released

Candyman (cinemas)

Candyman might not entirely match the 1992 classic, but this smart and chilling continuation is sure to please fans and scare a new generation into never saying his name into a mirror five times.

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Sweet Girl (Netflix)

It all builds up to a revelation that almost saves the movie or, at the very least, makes you pay attention. In a better movie, it would lead to a rewatch to see how it all fits together. Unfortunately when it comes to Sweet Girl, there's nothing here that you'd want to revisit.

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People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan (cinemas)

Whether you loved the show, hated it, or didn't watch it, People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan is a complete enough story to be worth sitting down for.

Fans of the show will find the familiarity they love but enough fresh developments to be intrigued and entertained, and those new to the men behind Kurupt FM will be delighted, slightly shocked, and most certainly entertained.

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Free Guy (cinemas)

The real success of Free Guy lies in the fact that it will appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike. It's a hilarious and inventive blockbuster, boosted by a supremely likeable cast, that delivers plenty of surprises along the way.

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The Suicide Squad (cinemas)

Blending the big-screen spectacle of Guardians of the Galaxy with the bloody violence and dark humour of James Gunn's horror work, The Suicide Squad is sure to end 2021 as the year's most entertaining blockbuster. It's Gunn let off the leash to do whatever he wants creatively – and he definitely does some weird shit.

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Old (cinemas)

For its many faults, though, there's something undeniably fascinating about Old, and it all comes back to M Night Shyamalan's willingness to swing so hard he might miss entirely every time he steps behind a camera.

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Space Jam: A New Legacy (cinemas)

Space Jam fans are likely better served rewatching the first movie and getting that nostalgic hit. Space Jam: A New Legacy might have fancier effects and fleeting moments of joy, but if you've spent 25 years waiting for it, it hasn't exactly been worth the wait.

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The Water Man (Netflix)

The Water Man isn't as much of a tear-jerker as This Is Us, which is a welcome break for those who know and love the show. Unlike other family dramas in which a parent is dying, there isn't another evil against which the young protagonist must struggle.

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Fear Street Part 1: 1978 (Netflix)

Despite some frustrations, it's a testament to the strengths of the first movie that you'd have wanted to make the trip to 1978 even without the cliffhanger as when it's at its best, Fear Street Part 1: 1994 is bloody good fun.

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The Tomorrow War (Amazon Prime Video)

The Tomorrow War might not fully deliver on its brilliant premise, but it's still an epic and original sci-fi trip that's worth taking.

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