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Weird beauty trends we saw in 2019

We’re happy to say goodbye to these beauty moments that had us shaking our heads.

Monogram look
This year, beauty mavens weren’t happy with having brand logos only on bags, shoes, jewellery, clothes, and a host of other accessories. They kicked things up a notch and put the logo of their fave fashion house on their face. This way everyone was sure whether they were feeling like Chanel or Vuitton. Still want to try out this strange beauty trend? You could dress up as your fave handbag for your next costume party.
Photograph: yulia_zhezhera / Instagram

Bratz dolls makeup challenge
Sure, Bratz dolls are popular. But popular enough to paint them on your face? That’s exactly what happened this year with makeup enthusiasts transforming themselves into one of the Bratz dolls. These makeovers soon went viral and everyone tried their hand at getting those enormous eyes and massive lips. To get the eyes right, people were drawing them on their eyelids and on the skin under their eyes. Overall this looked quite disconcerting and creepy.
Photograph: the.glamproject/ Instagram

Dramatic false lashes
Over the top, dramatic makeup ruled 2019, and nothing showcased this more than the embellished eyelash trend that was seen everywhere. Yes, we love long, thick voluminous lashes, but sticking on huge feathers on top and bottom lashes, to gain exaggerated length, seems like a bit of overkill for us. Can you even blink when you set out to make this statement?
Photograph: bocianskapatrycja / Instagram

Sunburn tattoos
This is a viral trend dermatologists are begging people to never, ever try. The trend has people creating red ‘tattoo’ patterns or images using stencils. One way to do it is stick on a design or shape and head out into the sun without any protection, like sunscreen. Once you’ve soaked up the rays and are burnt, you peel off the stencil. The skin under the design will be much lighter and appear like a tattoo. Another way is to slather sunscreen around a particular design on your skin. The exposed part will get burnt and red, creating the tattoo effect.
Photograph: gimba.oficial/ Instagram

Lash glue lips
This is another 2019 trend that’s on the dangerous end of the spectrum. It’s a bizarre, at-home beauty hack that claims to help women in their quest for Kardashian-like plumper, fuller lips without any fillers. It has women applying glue on their philtrum (the skin between the nose and top lip) and pulling the lip upwards, over their Cupid’s bow, so that it gets stuck in that position. Whether you’re using lash glue or super glue, this is one hack we definitely wouldn’t recommend!
Photograph: theaprilshowokanagan / Instagram

Face jewellery
Stick-on face crystals and gems first made a splash in the 1990s, and have been picked up be the retro wave doing the rounds. But while these elements offer a host of design options, they’re of use only to those willing to completely forgo practicality in real life! Online beauty influencers feel the pressure to constantly create innovative new looks and are therefore on the lookout for trends that can dazzle and awe, but are often unwearable IRL. Glued-on face jewellery is one such trend. We’re talking crystal fringes, pearls and gems in place of eyeshadow, eyeliner, or lipliner…you get the drift.
Photograph: beasweetbeauty / Instagram

Synthetic tears
Gucci’s Fall 2019 show added another strange facial accessory to the growing list—fake tears. Yes, you read that right. The models at the show weren’t actually crying, they had exaggerated prosthetic tears of varying lengths stuck on. The trend was soon picked up and elaborate versions started showing up online.
Photograph: kityfayaofficial / Instagram

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